MarTech company Vivial released its 2020 Digital Marketing Trends report which is a look into the next chapter of online, mobile and social marketing.

In a survey of more than 500 SMBs, Vivial found that while 41% say they are doing enough marketing to get by. More than a quarter state that their lack of knowledge about marketing is hindering their current marketing efforts.

Here are some highlights from the 2020 Digital Marketing Trends report:

  • Content marketing. The survey found that nearly a quarter of small business owners struggle with generating engaging content on a consistent basis. Yet in 2020 and beyond, content marketing will continue to play a fundamental role in digital marketing. Thus, SMBs will need to up their content game.
  • Social media. While 62% of the surveys SMBs state social media has the highest ROI for their business, only 40% are running any paid ads on social media. Using a mix of organic and paid content is key to building a follower base on social platforms. 
  • Search engine marketing (SEM). Multi-platform advertising will be a must in 2020, including variety in both the platforms for advertising (Google, social media, etc.) as well as the type of ads (video, carousel, etc.).
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO). As voice-based search is quickly becoming “the next big thing”, it’s crucial for businesses to have accurate listings, content keywords and search rankings to be found with voice queries.
  • Mobile marketing (SMS). 75% of people prefer offers via SMS than adverts in mobile apps. In order to capitalise on this platform, it will be key for businesses to keep messages simple and personal; as well as, finding ways to differentiate not only products but customer service.
  • Omni-channel approach. Customers expect a seamless experience and businesses have seconds to keep their attention. Therefore, whether they arrive on a landing page or step through the front door to redeem an SMS coupon, the messaging must be consistent; the process fluid.

You can get the full 2020 Digital Marketing Trends report here. It’s free.

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