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“The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good.” – Seth Godin

The 2020 pandemic “forced” B2B buyers to mature post-haste and pack years of digital transformation in just a few short months. Do you understand the scope of such a change? What does this mean to B2B suppliers? Avionos’s 2021 B2B Buyer Report will help you find answers to these questions and to further understand the maturation of B2B eCommerce.

Report HIghlights

  • 90% of B2B buyers will turn to a competitor if a supplier’s digital channel cannot meet their needs2021 B2B Buyer Report |
  • 87% of buyers will spend more for a supplier with an exceptional eCommerce portal
  • almost 50% of buyers state finding up-to-date information about a product/service was a top challenge when researching purchases
  • over 40% of B2B buyers state a top pain point has been difficulty integrating supplier’s tech solutions with their own
  • top three reasons eCommerce tasks have become more challenging for B2B buyers since March 2020 – 
    • “I make purchases online now, so I notice more issues” – 54%
    • “I now expect buying online for my business to be as seamless and easy as buying online as a consumer, so my expectations are higher” – 19%
    • “Issues directly related to COVID-19 (i.e. supply chain disruptions) have made it more difficult to complete the eCommerce buying process” – 18%
  • top places to begin the purchase process – 
    • a supplier’s website (or portal) – 35% (compared to 33% in 2020)
    • Google – 30% (compared to 21% in 2020)
    • Amazon business – 16% (compared to 11% in 2020)
    • Direct contact with a sales rep (or supplier) – 9% (compared to 21% in 2020)

To understand more about the pandemic’s impact on the acceleration of B2B organisations’ digital transformation and how it increased buyer expectations for eCommerce experience, download the 2021 B2B Buyer Report now.

Final Thoughts

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