During a ‘normal’ year, PPC marketing is somewhat unpredictable.

Yet, 2020 has been anything but normal since the outbreak of COVID-19. No one could’ve predicted the impact of the pandemic and the way people, as well as businesses, will adjust and deal with it.

Are you wondering what the most important PPC trends are going to be in 2021? The SEJ released their PPC Trends 2021 ebook with predictions from 32 of the top PPC marketing experts. 

Top 10 PPC trends 

1) Goodbye, Data!
2) Understanding Your Audience & Buyers’ Journey
3) More Automation
4) Diversify Your Advertising Platform (Google or Microsoft or Other)
5) Harnessing the Power of First-Party Data
6) The New Instagram Opportunities
7) The Value of The Big Picture Strategy
8) Perfecting the Ad Message
9) Testing, testing & testing
10) Mobile Experience

From the distribution of how data is sourced due to changing global privacy policies and restriction on third-party cookies through ad platforms taking even more control away from PPC marketers to Google Ads limiting access to search query data, all of these play a crucial role in how marketers will adapt and adjust their PPC marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond.

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