2021 State of Personalisation: Consumers and brands of two different minds.

“Personalisation is pointless without knowing the individual. Understand the dreams, hopes, and fears that motivate your customers, then hit them where it counts.” – Paul Gillin

As consumers’ expectations rise, are brands and marketers ready and equipped to deliver? 

The past year has transformed consumer behaviour like never before. Today’s customers expect brands to know and remember –

  • who they are,
  • where they come from, and
  • what they like.

Personalisation, once limited to rockstars like Amazon and a nice-to-have in email campaigns, has now become a quintessential necessity for intelligent customer engagement. According to the 2021 State of Personalisation report, marketers and brands are faced with only two choices: personalise or perish.

Report Summary

  • 85% of brands believe they are offering a personalised experience
  • only 60% of consumers think brands offer them a personalised experience
  • 45% of consumers will take their business elsewhere if brands fail to deliver a personalised experience
  • nearly 70% of consumers state they appreciate personalisation as long as it’s based on data they’ve shared directly with a brand2021 State of Personalisation | EmialOut.com
  • only 24% of brands are investing successfully in omnichannel personalisation
  • 75% of business leaders state personalisation is table stakes for digital experience
  • over 50% of consumers say that their satisfaction improves the more personalised their already personalised experience becomes
  • 60% of consumers will become repeat customers after a personalised experience
  • over 35% of consumers trust brands to keep their data safe and secure using it responsibly
  • nearly 40% of consumers, on the other hand, do not trust brands with their data
  • 80% of brands use at least some first-party data to personalise the customer experience

If you want to know more about how customers’ expectations have evolved, where brands are succeeding (or falling short) with personalisation and if you are ready to deliver on the new customers’ expectations, download the 2021 State Of Personalisation report here.

Final Thoughts

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