Popular wisdom says: learn from your mistakes. We say: save yourself the hassle and learn from someone else’s!

There are a bazillion business blogs out there, packed full of useful advice you can steal to help grow your business faster without the slip-ups… and to save you even more time, we’ve dug out nine of our faves.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to unmissable business blogs for:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. Customer Engagement
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Marketing for Small Businesses
  7. Productivity
  8. Understanding VCs
  9. General Inspiration

1) For Social Media Marketing: Social Media Examiner

A team of experts led by social media guru Michael Stelzner provide the content for this excellent blog, which includes deep-dive guides, how-tos, and tips and tools for every social network under the sun. Sign up to get top-notch industry reports, too.

2) For SEO: Neil Patel

The founder of Sprout Social, Neil Patel is endearingly obsessed with the secret workings of the internet and a veritable fountain of knowledge when it comes to SEO, Google algorithms, and just about any other factor that affects your website’s performance. Plus, his writing strikes the perfect balance between authoritative and accessible.

3) For Customer Engagement: Adrian Swinscoe

Getting your head around what your customers think (and want) is the most important factor in making your business a success… but also one of the trickiest. In this blog, consultant and general smartypants Adrian Swinscoe chats to successful entrepreneurs and business experts about how they go about putting customers at the centre of what they do, improving customer experience and engagement.

4) For Content Marketing: Kim Garst

Great content marketing covers a bunch of elements, from writing compelling copy and irresistible calls-to-action through to putting that content in the right place at the right time, in front of the right people. Content queen Kim Garst is something of a genius on all these points, and by scrolling through her blog you’ll practically absorb top new ideas by osmosis.

5) For Email Marketing: EmailOut Blog

Yeah, yeah, we would say that, wouldn’t we? But it’s TRUE! If you’re looking for tips, tricks and tools to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level, the EmailOut blog offers up a smorgasbord of useful tidbits; you’ll wonder how you did without.

6) For Small Business Marketing: Duct Tape Marketing Blog

Marketing advice is one thing; marketing tips that take into account your small-business-sized budget and resources is quite another. Step up to the plate John Jantsch, whose brilliant blog Duct Tape Marketing serves up suggestions that are perfectly tailored to the needs and capabilities of SMEs.

7) For Productivity: Tim Ferriss

If small businesses are short of anything, it’s time. Without the luxury of hiring a different person to take care of every issue and area you need to handle, you and/or your small team have to play more roles more convincingly than Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black. If you’re going to make it work, you need to streamline your tasks like a boss… and who better to show you how than the man famous for The 4 Hour Work Week?

8) For Small Businesses Thinking Big: Both Sides of the Table

Imagine if you could know for certain what’s going through the head of the VC you desperately want to hit up for investment in your ambitious startup? Now imagine that same VC had been exactly where you are; a bunch of times, knows what you’re going through and how you think, and could give you ideal advice to get to where you want to be? That’s exactly what you get with Both Sides of the Table, a blog by serial-small-business-owner-turned-VC Mark Suster.

9) For General Inspiration: Mixergy Interviews

In the words of the wonderful Florence from Florence and the Machine, sometimes it seems the going is just too rough, and things go wrong no matter what you do. But before you throw your hands up in the air (or jack in the business to form a wildly successful band), take a look at Mixergy’s blog. Here, you can read interviews with now-thriving entrepreneurs about the times before – the hurdles, the setbacks, the downright failures that they struggled through to get to where they are today. Have a read, take a deep breath, and get up fighting.

Now you know which are our favourite 9 business blogs picks you simply can’t go without.


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