We’ve all had the awful realisation that we’ve made a huge mistake in our email, milliseconds after we click ‘send’.

To help you avert such disastrous fate, we’ve put together a handy email preflight checklist.

Perhaps you’ve spotted a glaring spelling error. Or you forgot to attach the attachment. Or you accidentally hit ‘reply all’ when your snarky remarks were 100% intended for the eyes of one colleague only.

But embarrassing as a dodgy email is when sent to one person, it’s nothing compared to the all-consuming despair you get when you unleash your mistake-ridden missive on your entire email list.

It’s a rundown of the 6 most important things to watch out for before you let your emails take off into the world.

  1. Personalisation
  2. Timing
  3. Links
  4. Subject Line
  5. Proofread
  6. Testing

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty part of the email preflight checklist!

1. Use People’s Names!

Personalisation works. In fact, the Aberdeen group reckons that it improves open rates by 14% and increases conversions by 10% – and all you have to do is change your Merge Tags setting to [FIRSTNAME] before you send anything. Pretty good return on something so simple, right?

2. Check the Date

Do you send regular emails? Do you use the same template each time, or perhaps the previous email as a template for the next one? Might that earlier email make a reference to the month, date, day or some other time signifier that has now passed? Double check or you’ll look super sloppy!

3. Click All Your Links

This one is so easy to overlook, but such a pain in the neck when you slip up. Go through your email and double check that every link you’ve included really is destined for the right place.

4. Use a Subject Formula

Writing an irresistible subject line is the difference between a successful campaign and a mediocre one – but luckily, there’s a science behind what works. If you need some inspiration, check out these tried-and-tested subject line formulas… and use them!

5. Proofread Everything

Okay, so you’re itching to unleash that email onto your list, but that’s no excuse to lower your standards. Read over everything you’ve written, carefully, to make extra certain you haven’t done something daft.

6. Send a Test!

Lastly, it’s hard to spot errors when you’ve been staring at the same screen for hours – so send yourself a test email and check that over instead. This also means you can check how the formatting looks on different screens and that your subject lines, names etc are displaying properly before you commit!

That covers the basic points of a quick email preflight checklist… but are you looking to take the quality of your emails up a notch? Check out our awesome range of features by signing up for your free email marketing account today.

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