A report on B2B Digital Experiences 2020.

According to a report by our friends at Episerver, 71% of B2B brands confess the presence of a “customer-centricity gap”. A gap happens when the (digital) experience offered by a business meets neither the needs nor the expectations of customers.

The report includes B2B trends in six industries – 

a) healthcare
b) financial services
c) commercial services and supplies
d) manufacturing
e) distribution
f) high-tech

The “customer-centricity gap” in the healthcare industry, for example, rises to 93% while in the financial services sector it’s 85% with the high-tech field being the least likely to have such a gap.

The stats point out that 82% of B2B companies have gone through a digital transformation with 37% stating their digital experience is the thing that differentiates them as a company. Furthermore, the respondent’s email channel came out first for push communication to reach customers most effectively, with only paid search and their own websites more effective at general communication. Which creates a tie for the third place with paid search with paid social (18%) in first place followed by websites (14%) in second.

In addition, 30% of marketers quote paid social as an effective marketing channel with 16% stating the same about paid search.

Concurrently, 60% of B2B organisations are planning on investing in personalisation by 2022 followed by investments in web content management system and an ecommerce platform.

The report also outlined that 61% of B2B marketers fear being replaced by AI within the next 5 years with 82% feeling AI will make them better and excel at their job. In addition, despite 91% of marketers taking precautionary measures to maintain security and compliance, 41% state they have experienced a data breach.

You can download the full The 2020 B2B Digital Experiences Report here.

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