“If only I could clone myself…!”

In those bootstrapping early days of getting your startup off the ground, there isn’t a founder alive that hasn’t lamented on this saying at some point.

Since that’s not on the cards (yet), it’s up to you to find ways to get not only better business productivity but also increase your team’s effectiveness and productivity. And hey, since you’re so busy, we’ve whittled these down to 10 ready-to-implement tips. You’re welcome.

In this article, we’ll cover every startup’s Achilles’ heel – business productivity. Our top 10 tips will help you achieve better business productivity by effectively implementing them.

  1. Keep all team members in the loop
  2. Use cloud-based systems
  3. Multi-tasking doesn’t result in better efficiency
  4. Use analytic tools to gain insight
  5. Use email templates for FAQs

Let’s see the full list, shall we?

1. Switch to a professional instant-messaging service like Slack or Fleep to keep all team members in the loop at all times.
2. Automate your marketing emails whenever possible.
3. Store “live” documents on a cloud-system like Dropbox or Google Drive so that everyone’s working with the latest version, all the time.
4. Don’t have meetings unless you really need to. Time-limit the ones you do to keep you focused.
5. Recognise that no one can do two things at once. Allow people to focus entirely on one task at a time to get them done quickly and well.

6. Have collective to-do lists so that everyone is clear on what they need to do and is held accountable for doing it. Switching to a dedicated project management tool will make it easier for you to assign tasks and track progress.
7. Set up tools to collect analytics on your website, marketing emails and sales. These give you instant insight into what’s working and what’s not, so stop wasting time on dead-end strategies.
8. Tick off the stuff you’re dreading first, and give yourself a deadline to force yourself to do it quickly.
9. Quickly summarize what you’ve achieved as a team at the end of each week. It’s a great motivation when working on long-drawn-out projects and also it helps establish how much of the week’s activity has been genuinely productive.
10. Create email templates for frequently asked client questions and sales pitches, which you can adapt and send swiftly each time.

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And, whilst you’re at it, keep on eye out for our business growth tips and advice.