Why do email subscribers (occasionally) behave in unexpected ways?

“A bad email reputation is like a hangover – hard to get rid of and it makes everything else hurt.” – Chris Marriott

The UK’s Data & Marketing Association (DMA) together with Validity have published their annual Consumer Email Tracker 2021 report which analyses email marketing through the eyes of the consumers and the ways they interact with email communications.

Last year the world was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The way people learn, live, play and work have changed exponentially. The global pandemic completely reshaped consumers’ email behaviour. 

Consumer Email Tracker 2021 Report Summary

  • over 70% of consumers state email is the best marketing channel brands can use throughout the customer journey
  • [2020] 28% of consumers often wonder how brands/shops/marketers managed to obtain their email address compared to 43% in 2017
  • an average UK consumer has two personal email addresses
  • 50% of consumers who participated in the survey state they do not have a work email
  • 26% of consumers use their additional email address to get marketing emails
  • the devices most often used to access personal emails are –
      • desktop/laptop – 64%
      • smartphone – 62%
      • tablet – 25%
  • 96% of consumers check personal emails daily with 3% only once a week
  • the average UK consumer is signed up to marketing emails from 10 brands with the main reasons for opting-in being –
      • to receive discounts and offers – 48%
      • being a regular customer – 45%
      • to receive e-receipts – 42%
      • as a requirement for making a purchase – 39%
      • joining a loyalty scheme – 38%
  • 18% of consumers state they open and read over 75% of the emails they receive with 20% stating they read 50-75% of the emails in their inbox
  • the most important factors in opening an email are –
      • brand recognition – 68%
      • subject line – 59%
  • relevance (55%) and offers (53%) are the main reasons consumers in the survey like receiving emails from brands with useful information and news (39%) also being an important factor
  • 56% of consumers state the main reasons for unsubscribing from a brand’s marketing emails is “receiving too many emails”
  • 54% of consumers will use the unsubscribe link provided in emails while 15% prefer to contact the brand directly and 18% will simply report the email as “spam”
  • 49% of consumers expect to never hear from a brand once they’ve unsubscribed

To find out what customers really want from your email communications, gain unparalleled insight into consumers’ email behaviour, identify new email marketing trends and maximise your email marketing efforts, download the free Consumer Email Tracker 2021 report.

Final Thoughts

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