Is the marketing industry in the midst of healing?

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” – Milan Kundera

Despite the pandemic and its economic impact, new LinkedIn data (shared solely with The Drum) shows an increase in digital-first marketing approaches and high demand for digital marketers.

According to LinkedIn’s study, the top three key trends are – 

1) Marketing: A Hot Commodity

Over 318,000 marketing jobs were posted on LinkedIn in the past year. Furthermore, the professional network witnessed over 60% increase in marketing jobs in the past six months alone. Additionally, the study shows that within the last six months growth of employment opportunities (within the marketing sector) has increased significantly in the following job fields – 

  • Arts – up 86%
  • Retail – up 73%
  • Education – up 64%
  • Corporate services – up 61% 

COVID-19 might have had a massive impact on businesses (i.e. lockdowns and in-person gathering restrictions) but this data shows the marketing industry is making an impressive comeback and sectors are on their way to recovery.

According to LinkedIn’s senior insights analyst, Connie Chen, “demand for marketing jobs has grown over the last six months because of the increased importance of marketing during the pandemic.” 

2) Hight Demand For Digital Marketers

LinkedIn’s data shows that one in every two top marketing jobs listed on the professional platform is in the digital marketing industry. Based on the volume of job listings, the most highly in-demand job is a digital marketing specialist

In the past six months, the top fastest-growing roles (from highest to lowest growth rate) are – 

  • media coordinators
  • search managers
  • social media coordinators
  • search engine marketing managers
  • media managers
  • marketing analysts
  • email marketing specialists
  • SEO analysts
  • digital media managers

According to Connie Chen, the pandemic created a speed up in digital transformation causing businesses (such as retail) to quickly shift to ecommerce and hire more specialised marketers with a deep understanding of the digital landscape.

3) Scattered and Flexible: The Future of Work

Since the pandemic outbreak (March 2020), remote marketing job postings have increased fivefold. On March 1, 2020, only 2% of marketing jobs were remote, now that number has increased and nearly one in ten marketing job postings are for remote roles. Moreover, in the past six months, the professional network has witnessed a near 178% increase in the number of remote job listings for marketing jobs. Additionally, the study indicates that “even as we emerge from the pandemic mayhem, remote work is unlikely to subside.”

The top fastest-growing remote jobs (from highest to lowest growth rate) are – 

  • digital marketing specialists
  • copywriters
  • digital marketing managers
  • SEO specialists
  • content writers
  • social media managers

Final Thoughts

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