What is Facebook Shops and how will it help businesses? Is Google Search Console adding a new security reporting system? What are the new features Microsoft is adding to its Advertising Editor? What does the future hold for eCommerce platforms?

“Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It’s the art of creating genuine customer value.” – Philip Kotler

In this article, we’ll cover the following digital marketing news:

  1. Facebook’s new dedicated Shopping tab
  2. A new security reporting system in Search Console
  3. Microsoft updates its Advertising Editor
  4. [Report] The Future of eCommerce Platforms 

Let’s dive in.

Social Media

Facebook Launches A New Feature ‘Shops’ 

The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the way people shop. An estimated 85% of people worldwide are now shopping online. Thus, Facebook’s decision to make shopping easier and empower people by introducing a new dedicated Shops option in its app. 

According to the company, “Facebook Shops makes it easy for people to find products from businesses they love, discover new ones and make purchases – all in one place.”  Furthermore, in the upcoming weeks, all eligible U.S. businesses will have the opportunity to utilise this new feature.

In addition to the customisation features and messaging, Facebook Shops will also include the following features  – 

a) new design layouts for single or multiple products;
b) real-time preview of collections as per design;
c) the option to automatically create new Shops for new sellers; and
d) new insights to measure results.

The new messaging button in Facebook Shops will allow shoppers to directly message businesses via Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram Direct. Moreover, users will also be able to view products within a chat. They can even share the product directly with friends and family to ask for their opinion before finalising the purchase. Additionally, Facebook will also make it possible for people to sell products during a live stream.

Search Engine and SEO News

Google Is Testing a New Security Reporting System In Search Console

What do you do if your website gets flagged by Google Search Console as having a security issue? Google announced they are testing a new feature that will allow users whose websites have been flagged to request the company to review their website and identify what the security issue reported might be. 

Google’s new security system reporting feature. Google’s new reporting system will start with security issues and, in the future, move forward to include the reporting of urgent bugs and other possible issues. For now, the security reporting system will allow website owners to report potential false positives, or request a re-review of the security issue, by using the new “Report a Security Issue” button. 

Currently, this new reporting system is still in the testing stages. Thus, the feature might not be working for everyone. According to Google, “this reporting tool is currently only available to those coming from English-language help pages.” Furthermore, for those the feature is available, they need to remember that for it to work they have to be signed in to Google Search Console.

Ah, one more thing, the security issues that can be reported fall into three categories: hacked content, malware & unwanted software and social engineering. More information can be found on the Security Issues Report’s page.

The reason you should care. There was an incident where Google removed websites from Google Search by mistake because, as the company stated, “our system misidentified the websites as being hacked.” This new reporting tool will help website owners prevent such mishaps from happening, or if they do sort them out quickly it will help reduce any lost traffic due to a false positive security issue.

PPC and Ads News

New Features Coming Up To Microsoft Advertising Editor

Advertisers using Microsoft’s Advertising Editor will now have access to AI-powered recommendations and campaign-level associations.

The new features aim to help advertisers with bulk campaign management as well as optimisation of campaign performance. 

The new Microsoft AI-powered recommendations. Previously released as a closed beta in November 2019, Recommendations are now available globally. They can include suggestions for bid optimisation, new keywords, fixes for ad groups missing either ads or keywords and fixes for campaigns limited by budget.

Advertisers will have the option to implement recommendations directly from the Advertising Editor’s error pane or to review suggested recommendations as well as their estimated impact before executing them.

Campaign-level associations. Campaign-level associations aim to help advertisers apply and manage audience associations at the campaign level. Hence, advertisers no longer need to apply the audience targeting to each ad group and consequently change each bid boost.

The reason you should care. Automated recommendations are a way to help advertisers be in-the-know and prevent them from missing out on potential traffic. Also, both new features will help advertisers save time allowing them to focus on improving their ad campaigns. 

Digital Marketing News

Did you know 57% of businesses consider their current eCommerce platform will not be ‘fit for purpose’ in 12 month’s time?

According to research by Wunderman Thompson Commerce, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put more pressure on eCommerce platforms than ever before. Why? Because online purchasing is skyrocketing, especially during lockdown, and this increased activity is raising big concerns for a lot of UK businesses regarding their digital infrastructure.

Take a look at some key findings – 

a) 64% of Heads of IT and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) believe their eCommerce platform will need an upgrade within the next 12 months;
b) nearly 84% of participants in the survey state the most important factors when upgrading their platform are future-proof capability and the ease with which it can be integrated (for example, with marketplaces);
c) 91% of respondents state that easy customisation is extremely important when it comes to upgrading their eCommerce platform;
d) 64% of large businesses believe developing a more bespoke solution will best advance their eCommerce plans;
e) 40% of respondents state the biggest challenger when it comes to advancing their eCommerce plans is the dependency on other parts of the business; and
f) business’s timeframe for implementing eCommerce upgrades and other digital transformation technologies averages at over 7 months.

For more in-depth insights into the future of eCommerce platforms, download the report here.

Final Thoughts

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