What is ‘Revenue’ and why is Twitter acquiring it? What to expect from Google Search’s new mobile design? Have you heard of Google’s FLoC? How will it change web advertising? How customer experience (CX) trends have changed?

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In this article, we’ll cover the following digital marketing news:

  1. Twitter’s acquisition of Revenue
  2. Google Search: New mobile design and interface
  3. Google Ads’ “Site” label + a privacy-first future for web advertising
  4. [Report] Customer Experience (CX) Trends 2021

Ready to dive in?

Social Media

Twitter Acquired Revenue To Help Publishers Monetise Their Audience

In its goal of making Twitter a place where publishers can grow and better connect with audiences, the company announced its acquisition of newsletter publishing and monetisation company Revenue – a competitor to services like MailChimp, Sendgrid and Campaign Monitor. 

The future acquisition will help Twitter create a better place for writers and accelerate their work on helping audiences stay informed about their interests while also giving various writers, content curators and publishers a way to monetise said audiences. Simply put, Twitter knows its place and understands its role as one that helps publishers create and share content as well as grow an audience. Yet, an integration with a newsletter management service presents a perfect opportunity for Twitter to extend that support in a useful manner.

Twitter’s goal isto make it easy for them [publishers, writers] to connect with their subscribers, while also helping readers better discover writers and their content. We’re imagining a lot of ways to do this, from allowing people to sign up for newsletters from their favourite follows on Twitter, to new settings for writers to host conversations with their subscribers. It will all work seamlessly within Twitter.

The social media also announced that Revenue’s Pro features will be free for all accounts and paid newsletter fee will be reduced to 5%

All sounds fine and dandy, what with Twitter expanding its revenue stream beyond advertising and helping publishers grow their audience as well as making money. Yet, doesn’t it seem like the little birdy is stepping on ESP’s toes?

Search Engine and SEO News

Google Search’s New, Modern Mobile Design & Interface

Google began rolling out a new design for its mobile search results aimed at providing searchers with an easier to read, cleaner, more modern interface and an improved experience.

Digital Marketing News: Google Search Redesign For Mobile | EmailOut.com

The five key reasons that drove the new design are – 

1) bigger focus on information – focusing on information rather than design will allow search results to shine, simplify the searchers’ experience and deliver the information people are looking for clearly and quickly.

2) easier to read search results – with sections and label titles bigger and bolder, the searchers’ eye will scan and understand search results easier and faster. The redesign also includes more of Google’s own font that already shows up in Android and Gmail among other Google products.

3) creating more “breathing room” – the update improved section and result card designs to give the searchers more white space so that they can focus on the content that matters.

4) highlighting important content with colours – Google’s team has experimented with lots of bold and muted colours, neither of which proved to be quite right. Thus, the redesign is ultimately focused on centring content and imagery against a clean background only using colour to guide the searchers’ eye to important information.

5) embracing the “Googley” feeling – did you notice the new mobile search result’s design feels a little bubblier and bouncier? From the Google logo, the search bar and the magnifying glass, the company is bringing the roundness to the new design aiming to provide a familiar but refreshing look and feel to Google Search.

Why should you care? With any Google search results design change, there may come a change in searcher behaviour. You may notice shifts in clicks and traffic to your website from Google mobile search. Keep that in mind when reviewing your analytics over the next few weeks.

PC and Ads News

A New Label Coming To Google Ads

In the span of almost a week, two users have spotted a small and quite subtle test conducted by Google Ads which might irritate some advertisers – a “Site” label in Search ads.

So far, there is no further chatter about this new Google Ads label and quite frankly advertisers are probably wondering why would Google do that and what is the company trying to achieve. Do you have any ideas? 

On a different note, Google finally revealed its alternative to cookie-based advertising. It’s an internet-based advertising approach called FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). Basically, FLoC proposes a new approach for businesses to reach people with relevant ads by clustering large groups of people with similar interests, creating hidden individuals “in the crowd” and using on-device processing to ensure the person’s web history is kept private on the browser without storing it anywhere.

Google’s Ads team have tested this privacy-first alternative to third-party cookies and the results indicate that when it comes down to generating internet-based audiences, FLoC can provide an effective replacement signal for third-party cookies; with advertisers expected to witness at least 95% of the conversions per dollar spent when compared to cookie-based advertising. 

For decades, cookies have been the primary method for advertisers to target users online. Yet, privacy concerns are making this advertising approach less viable going forward. Thus, this effort, as a part of a bigger Google initiative called “Privacy Sandbox”, seems to be the perfect, gradual and collaborative approach to creating a privacy-first future for web advertising.

Digital Marketing News

New Customer Experience (CX) For A New World

2020 brought upon swift and unprecedented changes and challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed not only our way of life and the way we communicate and connect, but it also caused an economic and social disruption forcing customers to reevaluate their values as well as their expectations from businesses they interact with.

While the concept of digital transformation (digital-first world) is certainly nothing new, it has never before been so crucial for all businesses to push ahead – or they’ll risk playing catch up. The surge in online purchasing – ecommerce sales jumped 30% during the pandemic – has put new pressure on businesses to meet their customers’ expectations. Companies were forced to adapt in ways they never thought possible (or even considered) at a time where customer experience (CX) has become even more vital.

Zendesk’s Customer Experience Trends Report 2021 has reviewed data from 90,000 businesses across 175 countries and these are some of the insights.

  • 75% of customers will spend more with businesses that offer good CX
  • 50% of customers state CX is more important to them now than it was a year ago
  • 65% of customers want to buy from brands that provide hassle-free online transactions and experience
  • 50% of customers will switch to a competitor after just one bad customer experience
  • 80% of customers will jump ship after more than one unsatisfactory CX
  • 35% of businesses are investing more in providing services across multiple channels
  • 75% of businesses agree the pandemic compressed their timeline for acquiring new technologies as they seek new ways to reach customers
  • 50% of CX managers state digital adoption have accelerated by one to three years

To find more insights, top trends in CX and tailored best practices, get the full report here.

Final Thoughts

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