Twitter Community? Google Search Console data anomalies? FLoC vs Europe? What’s happening with third-party cookies? The state of digital marketing 2021?

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In this article, we’ll cover the following digital marketing news:

  1. Twitter: New Tool?
  2. Google Search Console: Crawl stats report data issues
  3. FLoC vs Europe: The third-party cookies fiasco
  4. The state of digital marketing 2021 (UK)

Ready to dive in?

Social Media

What is Twitter Community?

Early in March, I told you about one of Twitter’s Analyst Day ideas for the future growth and development of the social media platform. Thanks to reverse engineering extraordinaire Jane Manchun Wong, I’m happy to announce another new tool Twitter will be developing – Community.

Twitter Community, once released, will allow Twitterers to share individual tweets within selected groups of users rather than blasting them to their entire follower-base. This new tool’s beauty is that users will be able to engage with a wider scope of topics, interests and discussions without irritating and boring their followers with irrelevant posts or having to create different profiles for different purposes.

Judging by Wong’s tweet, Communities will be joinable (noticed the “Joined” indicator?) with only members allowed to share tweets within the Twitter Community. 

Fleets. Spaces. Subscriptions. Up and downvotes. It appears Twitter’s development team is going into overdrive and working hard to achieve the birdies ambitious targets for usage growth (adding 123 million more Monetizable Daily Active Users over the next 3 years).

Search Engine and SEO News

Google Search Console: Report Data Anomalies

Google reported that between March 10 and March 23 Search Console was experiencing “internal reporting issues” with crawl stats report data. 

Google Search Console: Data Anomalies |

According to Google, this report data anomaly had an impact solely on the reporting tools and the user’s Google Search performance and crawl activity were not affected in any way, shape or form. Additionally, the company stated users may “see a drop in data within the specified period.”

The crawl stats report details insights such as –

Google Search Console: Data Anomalies |

  • crawling history
  • crawl requests
  • response times
  • file type of fetched URL
  • encountered issues

A report glitch does not necessarily mean there were any issues with crawling or users accessing your website. But, to be absolutely sure, compare crawl stats with past weeks results. 

PC and Ads News

Google Third-party Cookies: FLoC vs Europe

In early March, I wrote about Google scrapping third-party cookies ( phasing out by 2022) and replacing them with FLoC (a.k.a Privacy Sandbox). 

Well, according to AdExchanger, FLoC (set to open to advertiser testing Q2 2021) will not be tested in Europe. Here is the excerpt – 

“During a meeting of the Improving Web Advertising Business Group (IWABG) at the World Wide Web Consortium, Michael Kleber, a Google engineer, acknowledged that FLoCs might not be compatible with European privacy law.”

Basically, countries that fall under GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive will not participate.

New York Times’s  Robin Berjon (VP of Data Governance & Privacy) took his confusion about the whole FLoC vs Europe matter to Twitter – 

Privacy Sandbox’s Marshal Vale response (just an hour later) – 

Deleting/banning/phasing out cookies is a big, bold and, to be honest, quite a worrisome move. What if FLoC is never accepted in Europe? How would advertisers be affected? What about the impact on the email marketing world? GDPR has already had a massive impact on privacy and compliance worldwide. The FLoC vs Europe debacle – if not resolved asap – can leave EEA advertisers in advertising limbo.

Digital Marketing News

The State Of Digital Marketing In The UK 2021

2020 was challenging for all – businesses, marketers and consumers alike.

From customer experience to ecommerce, everything shifted thanks to the pandemic and digital marketing is no different. How marketers faced 2020’s unexpected challenges, you ask? 

Take a look at Mapp’s (an international provider of insight-led customer engagement) digital marketing survey results to find out – 

  • 45% of UK ecommerce brands saw a boost in ecommerce sales in 2020
  • 75% of businesses can identify less than 20% of customers who visit their website (anything to do with Google’s 3P cookies?) 
  • 38% of businesses can only identify less than 10% of customers visiting their website
  • 33% of ecommerce businesses provide a personalised website experience
  • only 13% of businesses look at providing a personalised website experience in 2021
  • 63% of businesses struggle with unconnected data sets and only a partial view of customer behaviour
  • only 27% of businesses use dynamic content on their website
  • 65% of businesses have accelerated digital and technological innovation due to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • 61% of businesses report their customer engagement platform significantly contributed to their growth in 2020

You can download Mapp’s The State of Digital Marketing 2021 (UK) infographic here.


Final Thoughts

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