Which new social app is Facebook cloning this time? Are we about to see dark mode in Google Search? How to become a master digital advertiser like Google? What new label did Google My Business release?

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In this article, we’ll cover the following digital marketing news:

  1. Facebook developing its own audio connection platform
  2. Google Search testing ‘dark mode’ on desktop
  3. [Guide] How to master digital advertising with Google Ads?
  4. Google My Business sneaky release of a new label

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Social Media

Facebook Developing A Clone Of Clubhouse

Just to make sure we are on the same page, Clubhouse is an invite-only audio social platform that went from 600K active users in December 2020, to 2 million just a month later. This provoked Twitter to forge ahead with a similar audio feature called “Spaces”.

Now, it appears Facebook is also joining the action. As reported by the NYT – 

“Facebook executives have ordered employees to create a similar product, said the people not authorized to speak publicly. The product is in its earliest stages of development.”

The social network already has its video feature – Rooms – as well as similar meet-up tools. Yet, it does not offer the same functionality. However, with the Clubhouse’ approach generating so much interest, it’s only logical for Facebook to use its already established infrastructure and deliver a similar tool to Facebook users. 

Not shocking considering Facebook has a long-running habit of breaking new tech by replicating functionalities from every single rising social app.

Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted during a Congressional hearing in the U.S., his company has adapted features (nice way to rephrase stealing, right?) from competitors as a means to maintain its position.

Given all the scrutiny Facebook has gone through over the years, cloning yet another competitor’s successful app doesn’t seem like a good idea. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s next for both Twitter’s Spaces and Facebook’s new effort – whatever they may call it.

Search Engine and SEO News

Google Search On Desktop Is Getting “Dark Mode”

After Google rolled out Gmail dark mode for iOS and Android back in 2020, it seems the company decided it’s time to let dark mode spread to Search on desktop.

Google first started testing dark mode (or dark theme) for its Search interface back in December 2020, however, over the past few days more and more people have noticed the dark theme showing up in Google Search on desktop – and mobile.

As always, with Google feature rollouts, Google Search dark mode seems to be a part of an A/B test and as such is not available to all searchers just yet. Nonetheless, many users on Windows 10 and macOS are getting a notification inviting them to try the “new dark theme”.

Digital Marketing News: Facebook, Google Search, Ads & GMB | EmailOut.com

The downside of Google Search Dark mode, however, concerns ads. As a Twitter user with a very colourful handle showed ads will be quite tricky to distinguish when dark mode is enabled.

At this stage, unless Google fixes the difficulty of differentiating ads from organic results, marketers using Google Ads may see their ads click-through rate impacted by Google Search dark mode.

In 2020, we’ve witnessed a lot of Google’s products gaining a native dark mode like Google Play app, Google Translate, Google Docs, Google Chrome on desktop and many others. Time will only tell how searchers will react and be affected by the global release of the Search dark mode.

PC and Ads News

[Guide] Google Marketing: Mastering Digital Advertising

Improving engagement and maximising ROI – two of the main objectives for marketers. 

To help marketing professionals successfully build campaigns to achieve their goals, Google – for the first time ever – put together a high-level strategy guide detailing its team digital advertising practices and sharing Google’s methodology publicly.

The guide covers two main areas of concern to marketers – 

1) how to make digital advertising successful; and
2) Google Ads products best suited for you and your goals.

To help digital advertisers, Google shared its three key steps methodology

1) using data to set clear goals

  • What do you want to achieve with an ad campaign?
  • What metrics (i.e. cost-per-acquisition – CPA and/or return on ad spend – ROAS) need improvement to fulfil your marketing objective? (Google’s key performance indicator – KPI.)
  • What values does your KPI have to hit to be successful?

2) using conversion tracking to unlock automation

  • Conversion tracking is critical as it shows how effective your ad campaign is, allows you to calculate ROAS or CPA and save time & improve efficiency by unlocking automated bid strategies

3) waterfall media planning

  • allocating budgets to different channels based on efficiency

Digital Marketing News: Facebook, Google Search, Ads & GMB | EmailOut.com

To find out more about Google’s team global learning regarding its B2C & B2B advertising campaigns across YouTube, Play, Chrome, Google Ads, Cloud and more, you can access the full Inside Google Marketing guide here.

Digital Marketing News

Google My Business “Years In Business” Label

After months of testing, Google My Business has quietly launched the new “years in business” label. It does exactly what it says – shows searchers how long has your business been operational.

Digital Marketing News: Facebook, Google Search, Ads & GMB | EmailOut.com

To have this label appear on your listing, you first need to set an opening date in your GMB profile. Google‘s made it even easier by explaining how here.

Initially, the company started testing this back in September 2020, followed by a more broad roll out in November 2020 and now, in February 2021, google finally decided it’s time to remove the training wheels and officially announce the “Years In Business” feature release.

The reason you should care. Since the feature allows searches to see how long you’ve been in business, it will also help potential clients trust your business and click-through subsequently leading to conversions – i.e. sales/subscriptions/etc.

Final Thoughts

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