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In this digital marketing news roundup, we cover two very important acquisitions in the world of marketing and analytics as well as a WordPress plugin vulnerability exploited by hackers for malicious purposes.

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent digital marketing news:

  1. WordPress plugin vulnerability redirecting users to malicious websites;
  2. Tableau becoming part of the Salesforce family;
  3. Google Cloud’s acquisition of Looker.

Let’s dig in.

Hackers Actively Exploit a WordPress PlugIn

According to our dear friends at Ars Technica, hackers have been “actively exploiting a recently patched vulnerability in some websites that causes the sites to redirect to malicious sites or display misleading pop-ups.”

The WordPress plugin hackers have been exploiting is WP Live Chat Support, a plugin for WP content management system with over 50,000 active installations. Ars Technica states the vulnerability has been fixed two weeks before they’ve reported the hack. However, the persistent cross-site scripting vulnerability allows hackers to inject malicious JavaScript into sites that use the plugin. Why is this important? If you are using unpatched versions of the plugin the attackers will keep exploiting the vulnerability to redirect to malicious sites or to display unwanted pop-ups.

So, if you’re seeing a suspicious amount of maliciously looking redirects than usual, now you know why.

Salesforce To Acquire Tableau

Salesforce announced it will be acquiring the popular analytics and data visualisation platform Tableau for $15.7 billion. This acquisition is yet another move by the CRM company that brings in new technology and tools that should bring better data. And, also, understanding of that data.

The purchase is expected to close around October 1. The acquisition will also provide Salesforce with increased analytics capability and strengthen its Customer 360 offering.

Overall, the combination of Tableau and Salesforce Einstein will provide clients with intuitive analytics; and, also, a visualisation platform for every department in a company.

Another benefit, also, is that both companies communities will be combined. Salesforce has over 1.4 million Trailblazers, and the Tableau Community has more than 1 million data enthusiast.

Google Is Strengthening Cloud Analytics

Google announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Looker – a unified platform for business intelligence, data applications and embedded analytics – in a $2.6 billion all-cash transaction. Upon closure of this deal, Looker will join Google Cloud.

Digital Marketing News: What Caught Our Attention This Month | EmailOut.com - free email marketing softwareAccording to Thomas Kurian (CEO of Google Cloud), “Google Cloud is being used by many of the leading organisations in the world for analytics and decision-making. The combination of Google Cloud and Looker will enable customers to harness data in new ways.

The addition of Looker to the Google Cloud ecosystem could grants users the ability to strengthen their analytics. Which, in turn, would lead to better decision-making an improved digital execution.

Also, it’s worth noting, the acquisition builds on an existing partnership between the two companies where they share more than 350 joint customers, including Buzzfeed, Hearst, Shopify, HSBC, WPP Essence, Cisco and Yahoo!.

The acquisition is expected to be complete later this year and further details can be found here.

Final Thoughts

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