Facebook introduces an unexpected function to its Pages App, Google’s update to the Featured snippets, a report on ad revenue & COVID-19’s impact on ad pricing and an update from Microsoft Teams.

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In this article, we’ll cover the following digital marketing news:

  1. Facebook’s Pages App will allow users to send marketing emails
  2. Google’s Featured snippets will take users directly to the info they want
  3. [Report] Internet ad revenue & COVID-19’s impact on ad pricing
  4. Microsoft Teams free version allows users to create video meetings

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Social Media News

Send Marketing Emails Through Facebook Pages App

We’ve noticed something very interesting at the beginning of this month.

People using Facebook’s Pages App stated there’s new functionality available – marketing emails.

What do users need to know? Firstly, your Page manager has to confirm the Page email address (if they haven’t done it already). Secondly, you need to manually add email contacts to the database. With this step, it’s important to know that you will be asked to confirm that the email addresses you’re adding to the database have given you explicit permission to contact them through email. Thirdly, you must agree to Facebook’s Terms of Use. Fourthly, create your email campaign. We’d like to emphasise on two important things – 1) any emails sent via Pages app will be delivered via the email address associated with your account – for example, “mybusiness.mailbyfb.com”; and 2) you mustn’t use the email addresses users have listed in their profiles. We must admit, it seems like quite the strange addition. As much as it replicates (to an extent) CRM systems, it doesn’t seem to add any value other than acting as a facilitator. Would there be any detailed reporting? Will users have the ability to personalise the emails? What about segmentation? 

Search Engine and SEO News

An Update To Google’s Featured Snippets

At the beginning of June, Google announced an update to Featured Snippets which will allow users to click on as many featured snippets to be taken directly to the content relevant to their search query.

It is important to note that this change will not be happening to all featured snippets. It’ll only apply in cases where Google is 100% certain that it can direct users straight to the desired content. 

Furthermore, the company pointed out there would be no special markup required. Ah, something Google didn’t announce – but we found out – is that Google will be highlighting the content relevant to the search query.  

This functionality was previously only available to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), however, Google is expanding it to HTML pages as well.

PPC and Ads News

[Report] 2019 Internet Ad Revenue & COVID-19’s Impact On Ad Pricing

In 2019, online ad advertising was worth almost £99 billion. This is pretty much around £43 billion more than what advertisers spent on the second ad medium – television.

However, digital advertising’s growth is slowing down. In 2019, it was just under 16% year-over-year which is around £13 billion more than what it was in 2018. The ad types that surpass the aforementioned growth rate include – 

a) online video advertising – 5%;
b) mobile advertising – 24%;
c) social media advertising – 23%; and
d) internet audio advertising – 2%.

Digital Marketing News: Send Marketing Emails Via Facebook, Google Featured Snippets Update, An Ad Revenue Report & An Update From Microsoft Teams | EmailOut.com - free email marketingAccording to the report, 70% of digital ads were delivered – and seen – on mobile devices. However, the revenue growth for mobile ads is slowing down as well. On the other hand, desktop revenue is pretty much at the same rate in 2019 as it was in 2018.

Here are some ad revenue numbers from 2019 – 

a) paid search was around 44% of total ad revenue;
b) display advertising (plus sponsorships) had a 31% share;
c) video advertising was around 17%;
d) the remaining 8% were distributed amongst classifieds, lead-gen and audio advertising.

Digital Marketing News: Send Marketing Emails Via Facebook, Google Featured Snippets Update, An Ad Revenue Report & An Update From Microsoft Teams | EmailOut.com - free email marketing

However, the bigger unease other than the slow ad growth is the consolidation of revenue in fewer businesses. 

Digital Marketing News: Send Marketing Emails Via Facebook, Google Featured Snippets Update, An Ad Revenue Report & An Update From Microsoft Teams | EmailOut.com - free email marketing

Based on the report, around 77% of the digital revenue in 2019, which is up by 1% from the previous year, is controlled by the top ten internet companies. It might seem like an insignificant increase, however, translated into monetary value, it represents £11 billion in revenue unequally distributed across these top ten companies. 

Why should we care? The internet continues to be the biggest ad medium and the one still generating double-digit growth rates. Despite the unclear future for the rest of 2020, according to the report, January and February of 2020, were “strong growth months”. On the other hand, March was seriously impacted by the COVID-19 mayhem. The report points out total revenue for the first quarter of 2020 was approximately £25 billion which is 12% growth year-over-year.

For further details, you can download the full IAB reports here.

Digital Marketing News

Rather than only having the ability to join meetings created by Microsoft Teams’ paying customers, the company announced that free users – without a Microsoft or Office 365 account – will now be able to create a video meeting. 

In the official publication, Microsoft 365 stated that meetings for free Teams users have already started rolling out on June 2. 

Amidst all the working-from-home during the lockdown, it’s pretty great that the company is improving the Teams service by making it available for everyone. However, there is a possibility that this change can be viewed as an attempt from Microsoft to ‘outshine’ the vastly growing Zoom which gained massive popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Final Thoughts

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