CRM provider reveals survey findings of trends and challenges in marketing, Google My Business is removing the remaining distance-based service areas and over 60 million websites powered by WordPress are under attack.

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In this article, we’ll cover the most recent digital marketing news:

  1. CRM provider shares new market research on sales and marketing initiatives
  2. Google My Business: Service-area businesses currently based on a distance will be automatically converted to the closest named areas.
  3. An ongoing WordPress “backdoor attack” is trying to compromise over 60 million users 

Let’s dig in.

The First-Ever CRM Platform that Unifies Marketing, Sales & Project Management

CRM provider Insightly revealed findings from a survey of over 440 businesses about trends and challenges in marketing. Among the findings, the study found that the majority of businesses (54%) say marketing is very important to their business growth, with nearly one in five reporting they couldn’t run their business without it. That said, 11% do not integrate marketing and sales initiatives, while 42% only do it on occasion.Digital Marketing News: How Important Is Marketing To Business Growth? | - free email marketing software

Having spent more than 20 years of my career in marketing, I have experienced the challenges and critical importance of aligning marketing with sales in order to validate its effectiveness,” added Tony Kavanagh, CMO of Insightly. “By driving a better connection to the ROI of marketing programs, we are ensuring marketing teams (no matter how lean) are maximising the impact of their efforts and ultimately, boosting the bottom line for the business.

Survey takeaways. While the brief survey confirmed that the majority of businesses recognise the importance of marketing to their business growth, it also revealed inconsistencies in the ways businesses manage and invest in marketing and marketing technologies. One of the most common reasons why businesses don’t fully align their sales and marketing efforts is because they don’t consider it a priority. 

There is an opportunity for companies to better invest in marketing technologies. One that would allow them to do more with less. As well as focus on aligning their sales and marketing efforts. Also, with a strong combination of a strategic sales and marketing alignment and scalable, integrated marketing technologies, businesses can not only create consistent brand experiences for their customers at every touchpoint; but also, accurately measure the performance of all marketing activities and their impact on business growth. 

Google Makes Changes to GMB Listings

Google is going to automatically apply changes to Google My Business (GMB) listings with distance-based service areas. The last remaining distance-based service areas are going to be removed.

Going forward, service-area businesses currently based on a distance will be automatically converted to the closest named areas. Managers of GMB listings affected by this change will have the opportunity to review these updates; after logging into their account.

If your listing is affected by this change you will see an “Updates from Google” notification next time you log in. From there, you’ll have two options. You can either accept the changes made by Google or provide a new service area based on city, postcode or other areas.

This is not a sudden change. Google has been in the process of phasing out distance-based service areas since last year. And now, they are making the shift in order to accommodate businesses that provide services outside of a set distance from where they are physically located. Which, in our opinion, is ideal for businesses that don’t serve customers at the physical location. 

This change should not affect how listings appear in search results. Though it would be wise to review Google’s changes. Even if only to ensure your listing still shows up in the area where you serve customers.

Critical ‘Backdoor Attack’ Warning Issued For 60 Million WordPress Users

Over 60 million websites powered by WordPress are under attack.

There seems to be an ongoing “backdoor attack” that is attempting to compromise as many WordPress websites as possible. If you think you might be in the ‘danger zone’, here’s what you need to know:

What can you do? If your website is powered by WordPress and using any of these plugins, the best course of action is to make sure that the plugins are updated. Make sure you’ve verified the plugin update status as most of the plugins have already been patched. Also, ensure your WordPress software and themes are up-to-date.

As being one of the most popular publishing platforms, it’s no doubt that there will be ever-emerging threats on a day to day basis. Each with the sole purpose to mislead website visitors and drive traffic away from websites. However, regularly checking your current/recent admins, software, themes, etc. is the best way to try an avoid potential attacks.

Final Thoughts

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