“Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

Change is inevitable. Businesses survival is dependant on it. And, it happens way too often to allow ourselves to miss it.

Keeping up with the most recent social media, spam algorithms, PPC, email marketing tips and digital marketing news & trends is pretty time consuming so we’ve picked up the mantle to ensure our news roundup will deliver you the most recent and relevant news pieces, tips and tricks.

In this article, we’ll cover the most recent digital marketing news on the following topics:

  1. Social Media
  2. Search Engines and SEO
  3. PPC and Advertising
  4. Email
  5. Other stuff we found interesting

Let’s dig in into this month’s digital marketing news!


“People who smiled while they’re alone used to be called insane until smartphones and social media were invented.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

A rush of issues was reported a few days ago when both Facebook and Instagram were hit by major outages and users were unable even to load the page at all. Twitter blew up with Facebook users tweeting #FacebookDown like crazy. A bit ironic, right? Nonetheless, such outages as rare as they are, result in an immediate and significant impact on businesses.

Ah, we’ve also heard Facebook is making changes to the subscription messaging permissions which will affect chatbots. From what we’ve learnt, permission to send messages will have to be granted at page-level instead of app-level which was the case previously.

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, Instagram launched three new features which will help retailers gain more exposure for their products. Users will have the opportunity to find products via a business profile or video and save it to a shopping collection. Pretty handy.

Instagram made the announcement that they are testing a few variations of the profile formats for both regular and business users.  Instead of testing with a small group before the big launch, the company is A/B testing the variations in the live environment. Judging by the different variations it’s hard to say what the impact will be.

We haven’t forgotten about LinkedIn. The news around the block is they are revamping Company Pages with a few fresh features – a content suggestion tool for Page Admins, tools that will help business engage better with employees and more advanced analytics. Unfortunately, folks in the U.K might have to wait for it a bit as it’s currently rolling out in the U.S. only; patience darlings, the UK will get it!


“Everyone knows what search engines are. But relatively few know how to use them effectively.” – Marc Ostrofsky

We heard Google has added a new set of filters around event markup in the search appearance filters in Search Console. When users use the event markup on an event landing page, event listings and details will show up in Google search results. Users will be able to see impressions, clicks, position data and URL of the provider shown in both ‘views’ – List and Details. The full detailed explanation of the new set of metrics can be found in the help documents.

Whilst, on the topic of Google we also found out that the lead search engine has begun hiding the full set of search results under certain conditions. If your search query involves time, calculations and unit conversions then instead of getting the full search result, Google will give you a direct answer and hide the rest. It looks like Google is trying to speed things up for users looking for specific answers. Good job, Google!

Earlier this month, Google announced that PageSpeed Insights (PSI) will be using Lighthouse as its analysis engine. This will allow developers to get the same performance audits and recommendations from everywhere; on the web, from the command line and in Chrome DevTools. PSI will also incorporate field data which will be provided by Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX).


“Advertising nourishes the consuming power of men.” – Winston Churchill

As you know, Google Ads already support a third headline and second description for your PPC adverting; Bings Ads is still not giving up on the attempt to keep up with the search engine Goliath. Hence, they now also support the third headline and second description in text ads. You can either import your longer Google Ads or create new ones with Bing. Keep up the good work, Bing.

Ah, and if you’re looking to maximise reach for your paid search campaigns, Google Ads just released a new Smart Bidding strategy called target impression share. It’s designed to, well, maximise your share of search ad impressions against the competition. Earlier this month, Google introduced four new search ads position metrics and this new release is their attempt to focus less on average position and more on reach and awareness.

On another note, Amazon – the dominating e-commerce website – is starting to pose as a threat to established digital advertising platforms like Google and Facebook with its booming search advertising business. In fact, it’s on track to generate more than $10 billion (how many zeros are in a billion again?) in advertising revenues. Wow.


“How to write a good email: 1) write your email; 2) delete most of it and 3) send.” – Dan Munz

In our recent digital marketing news, we’ve covered different spam topics like top-level domain (TLD) registries, the most abused TLDs and the top phishing lures of 2018. This month, we decided to switch it up a bit. No worries, we will still include malware, spam and threats in the reported news.

Be very careful which emails you open as we’ve heard through the grapevine that a new tRat malware is being spread using several email campaigns.

Some will appear to be coming from well-known companies like TripAdvisor or Norton; others pretend to be invoices. All of the attachments in those emails are either a Microsoft Word or Publisher file. Once you click on the file, it opens a window asking you to allow macros; once enabled, the macros will download the tRat malware and infect your computer. Be very, very careful guys!

If you are a G Suite user wanting to switch to Office 365 we’ve got news for you – Microsoft is working on a migration toolset which will help customers, well, migrate. You can see it is lined up in their Office 365 roadmap. Google already have an Exchange migration tool which allows admins to migrate IMAP mailboxes, but it doesn’t allow them to migrate contacts or calendar items in an automated way.

On another note, a week or so ago, users of Azure and Office 365 were reaching for torches and pitchforks as they were locked out of their Office 365 accounts and Azure was down. Microsoft blamed it on the MFA (multi-factor authentication) and said they’re working on fixes, but … how can confirming your identity result in you being locked out of your account?


“We’re all learning. The best listeners will end up the smartest.” – Josh Bernoff

B2B software company – Salesforce – was awarded a patent for blockchain application which is aimed specifically at spam emails. The blockchain platform will filter spam emails more effectively than the existing spam filters; it’ll match up sent and received messages to records stored on the distributed ledger.

In other news, we’ve heard Dutch investigators have put Microsoft on alert over regulatory action after ruling its data collection methods posed a risk to user privacy. It seems that Microsoft Office and Windows 10 Enterprise are using a telemetry data collection mechanism that breaches the EU’s GDPR. What do you reckon the sanctions would be?

Earlier this month, a ‘test email’ sent to over 1.2 million NHS employees caused the entire system to crash. NHS staff used Twitter to publicly denounce an email that ‘inadvertently’ included everyone on the mailing list of the NHS-mail system; but … the damage was done.


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