Can Twitter’s Q4 2020 Marketing Calendar help you with your marketing plan? How are Google My Business Listings getting hijacked? What can Microsoft Advertising’s Promotion extensions do for advertisers? Is the end-of-year release of WordPress 5.6 about to cause the same problems for websites as WP 5.5?

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.” – Neil Patel

In this article, we’ll cover the following digital marketing news:

  1. Twitter’s Q4 Marketing Calendar: Don’t Miss Out On Promo Opportunities
  2. Google My Business: Beware of listings’ hijacking
  3. Microsoft Advertising’s Promotion extensions arrive just in time for the holidays
  4. WordPress: Version 5.6 might break websites

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Social Media

Twitter’s Event Calendar To Help With Strategic Planning

Have you mapped out your marketing plan for Q4 2020?

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 didn’t play out as marketers and businesses planned, expected or hoped. However, with the holiday season just around the corner, companies still have multiple opportunities to boost their seasonal promotions.

Coming into the last two months of an already hectic year, marketers need to make sure they have honed their marketing campaigns to perfection because after sitting down at the table for Thanksgiving, you blink and it’s Black Friday then blink again and Cyber Monday has arrived then another blink and it’s Christmas.

Twitter’s revised Q4 2020 Marketing Calendar is the perfect source for marketers and businesses to utilise when crafting and/or polishing their marketing campaigns. It highlights potential tie-ins for promotions you might have not considered yet. Though, who can forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday, not to mention – Christmas? 

If you are looking for some last-minute tips for crafting the perfect Black Friday or Cyber Monday email campaign, take a look here

For Santa Claus approved Christmas email marketing ideas, look here.

Search Engine and SEO News

Google My Business: An Increase In Listings’ Hijacking

Joy Hawkins, a Google My Business (GMB) expert and overall brilliant SEO guru, reported she’s been seeing “quite a large increase in the number of GMB listings getting hijacked” over the past few months.

Criminals trying to hijack GMB listings have been at it for years using all sorts of sketchy tactics. Unfortunately, every single time Google gets wind of it and cracks down on these tactics, the hijackers come up with new ones.

One of the most effective hijacking tactics is to request access to a Google My Business Listing through the “claim this business” option. There is quite a lengthy thread in Google My Business Help which outlines almost one hundred posts regarding GMB listings hijacking attempts.

If you get any sort of emails regarding “ownership request of your Google My Business listing”, the best thing to do is not reply and delete them. Furthermore, Joy recommends avoiding too many people managing your GMB listing as it’ll increase the possibility of one of them accidentally approving an unauthorised party to control your listing.

The best approach to preventing your Google My Business listing from being hijacked for malicious purposes is to limit the people managing your listing, ignore and delete any type of unauthorised ownership requests and always be vigilant.

PPC and Ads News

Microsoft Advertising: Promotion Extensions Now Available 

Are you ready to promote your offers and special deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas?

Microsoft Advertising made available its Promotion extensions for all advertisers in the U.S. and just in time, too. The holidays are just around the corner. Promotion extensions allow advertisers to highlight a special offer or deal in their text ads, as well as, bind their deal to a holiday or special occasion. This feature is quite similar to Google Ads Promotion extensions, including the ability to choose from a list of occasions (i.e. Balck Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas) and events. 

Advertisers can set up Promotion extensions in three places: at the account level, at the campaign level or the ad group level. All advertisers need to ensure the landing page for their text ad includes the promo details. Thus, always make sure it is in place before you start a promotion.

Promotion extensions are highly customisable – 

  • occasion (optional) – it highly specifies what the ad is all about. Advertisers can select a holiday or a special occasion (like back to school). You can find a full list of the available occasions here.
  • promotion type and item – advertisers can specify the type of offer (i.e. sale, discount, etc.) and clarify which items (i.e. products and/or services) are included in the promotion
  • promo details (optional) – it allows advertisers to clarify the requirements of their offer (i.e. “code – emailout123” or “for orders over £20”
  • displayed start and end dates (optional) – advertisers can specify their offer’s deadline. Promos will not run after the end date, however, advertisers can choose to run their ad before the start date.

Why should you care? With the holiday season coming up, promotional offers will help you set your ads apart from the competition. Moreover, with promotion extensions now available in Microsoft Advertising, you can sync your promos across Microsoft and Google campaigns – for consistency.

Digital Marketing News

Do you remember how millions of sites broke after WordPress 5.5 was rolled out in August 2020?

Well, get ready because the upcoming WordPress 5.6 release (expected December 2020) has the potential to do the same. The reason: the new WP version will render the jQuery Migrate Helper plugin – used by many websites – “useless”.

jQuery is a set of scripts giving sites functionality such as animation, interactive elements and makes the creation of plugins and themes much easier since it handles features common to sites and manipulates CSS. jQuery Migrate is code that allows sites with plugins using older versions of jQuery to keep functioning. 

After the WordPress 5.5 release caused millions of sites to stop working, the company introduced a plugin  – Enable jQuery Migrate Helper – aimed at restoring all the broken sites.

The launch on WordPress 5.6 will be the second step of modernising the use of jQuery by updating the jQuery Migrate library to the latest version. However, the effect on websites using the Enable jQuery plugin to keep from falling apart will be the same as with the WordPress 5.5. – millions of websites will suffer all over again.

Why should you care? Many plugins and theme developers have already updated to the latest jQuery version which will fix any issues. However, there are still quite a few plugins and themes with older versions. People using such non-updated plugins and themes may encounter problems. If you are utilising the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin, once you login into the admin panel, you’ll know if you may experience unexpected website behaviour – there will either be an error message (meaning you will) or there won’t be (meaning you won’t).

Final Thoughts

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