“In the business world, bad news is usually good news – for somebody else.” – James Surowiecki

Change is inevitable and constant. If we want our businesses to thrive we certainly have to keep up; not only with the trends and best practices, but also with the most recent digital marketing news and tips.

With that in mind, here’s a roundup of digital marketing news and stories that we found interesting over the past couple of weeks.

In this article, we’ll cover the most recent digital marketing news on the following topics:

  1. Social Media
  2. Search Engines and SEO
  3. PPC and Advertising
  4. Email
  5. Other stuff we found interesting

Let’s dig in!


“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” – Erik Qualman

After the year Facebook had it was about time we’ve heard some relatively good news and they came in the form of a two-year anniversary of Facebook Marketplace. To celebrate it, Facebook launched new features powered by A.I. More specifically, the social network said it will be adding price range suggestions and auto-categorisation features (eBay already introduced this feature earlier this year) which will make selling easier, and we’ve heard they’re also testing camera features which will use A.I. for product recommendation. There might be a few features that are lacking from Marketplace; but, we certainly think this is a step in the right direction. So, don’t count out Marketplace just yet.

Ah, before we forget, we found out Facebook is making its feature “Premiers” available to everyone. It allows pages to publish pre-recorded video as live content. The best part, it comes with all the perks as streaming a live video. Hmm, is the naughty social network trying to redeem itself by giving users access to this “cheat”?

Moving on to a more professional social network, we learnt that LinkedIn is working on a series of changes to sponsored content that are designed to generate more actionable clicks. These changes will supposedly lead to a “higher quality” clicks which should help businesses achieve their marketing objectives.


“The destiny of Google’s search engine is to become that Star Trek computer.” – Amit Singhal

Google releasing an update to the search algorithm is not bad news; especially, considering the core idea is to improve search results. Agreed?

However,  when the frequency of said updates is pretty much one or more per day it’s pretty tricky to keep track. Not to mention Google is giving us the heads-up only when the update is expected to be noticed by the majority of site owners. Danny Sullivan (Google’s Search Liaison) recently posted a series of tweets regarding the most recent update and judging by the response, it seems it was the best approach in order to solidify transparency and trust.

Ah, we’ve also learnt, Google – being as helpful as ever – has published help documentation on dynamic rendering which is designed as a workaround for websites that deploy a form of JavaScript that is making it pretty hard for Google to properly crawl, index and rank those pages in search. Why should you care? Well, if Google is having a hard time crawling and indexing your website, your business is certainly going to struggle to be found.


“Advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.” – Jerry Della Femina

A little birdy told us Twitter has announced a relatively small but very significant update. Advertisers who are using the platform’s In-Stream Video Ads will have the ability to reach a global audience with their ad content instead of being limited to the markets in which the publishers are based. This might not change things for all advertisers but it’ll certainly expand Twitter ads options and provide brands with more targeting tools in order to maximise their campaigns.

On another note, Google’s making it possible for advertisers to copy column preferences from the old Google Ads to the new version and it will even work for those who no longer have access to the classic version. But beware, once column preferences are copied over the change can’t be undone.


“Email may well be your most productive marketing tool.” – Dan Zarrella

In our recent digital marketing news articles, we’ve covered topics like spam and cybersecurity. We intend to continue with the pattern; this month we’ll talk about the countries with the highest number of spam-bots and blackmail emails.

We all know that spam has been a global problem since – well – forever. According to Spamhaus’s – Top 5 Worst Botnet Countries stats are in, as of 15 October 2018, the worst spam-bot infected country is India with 1,656,345 spam-bots. In second place we have China (1,589,305) followed by Brazil (729,819); Vietnam (725,494) and last but not least, there’s Iran with 527,040 spam-bots. Spam-bots are used for phishing, click-fraud, DDoS, spam and lots of other malicious activities. We recommend you make sure your interactions with those countries are – if not limited – highly protected.

Ensure you have some cybersecurity measures in place. Even if you don’t need them isn’t it better to have it and not need it? Not to mention that in a post GDPR world having security in place should be part of your minimum compliance measures.

We’ve already mentioned cybersecurity and advised you to take precautions; and, what better way to ensure you do it than giving you the latest tips.

With all the recent data breaches, it’s no wonder cybercriminals are feasting on user’s email addresses and unfortunately, if spam was one of your business’s main concerns now we have a more sinister player – blackmail emails.

UKFast recently talked about blackmail emails saying they’re even more dangerous than spam. Well, that’s not good news, but don’t stress; as worrying as it is there are always ways to prevent it from going further. Firstly, you should check if your email has been hacked and if it was then UKFast’s tech experts have a few ideas on how to strengthen your security and stop hackers from winning.


“Think outside of the Inbox.” – EmailOut.com

All of you out there using Windows on mobile, have you heard about the latest Windows 10 update? It’s said it’ll play nice with Android.

Ah, we haven’t forgotten about Apple and iOS which seems to not be doing very well. As much as the iPhone has been advertised as a highly secure device we’ve heard a new hack bypasses iPhone’s lock screen on iOS 12 and gives hackers access to both your contacts and photos. Better back up all those photoshops where you made yourself look like Ryan Reynolds or Angelina Jolie! And what about your emails, confidential password-protected notes? Are they safe?

Just the other day, we heard Google is killing Google+ after a massive security incident which exposed the private data of hundreds of thousands of users. They decided not to disclose the issue (back in March) fearing it would draw regulatory scrutiny and damage their reputation we guess. However, after The Wall Street Journal covered the breach, Google didn’t have much of a choice.

Oh, have you heard about Facebook launching their own Facebook Portal and Portal+? If you ask us, the timing of these two events seems highly odd.

Let us know what digital marketing news topics and areas you would like us to look out for; in the future. Write your requests below; we’ll keep an eye out (or two) so you don’t have to – and all for FREE, of course.

In the meantime, you can take a look at our blog for more digital marketing news, social media marketing, business growth tips and tricks plus, of course, all things email marketing.

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