An online shopping experience gap?

Acceptable and satisfactory consumer experience hinges on brands’ ability to provide one crucial thing – relevance. Unfortunately, many businesses are suffering an online service gap.

Due to the changes brought upon by the pandemic, consumers’ online expectations have gone sky-high and the situation is only proving to be more challenging. 

Relevance, convenience and simplicity have now become not only expected but demanded by each and every consumer.

Coveo’s Relevance Report 2021: Ecommerce will help marketers and brands uncover the top drivers of online consumers’ frustrations, why making the ecommerce experience relevant is important and how AI can help you craft highly-personalised and uber-relevant ecommerce experiences.

Report Highlights

The report was conducted among US consumers to examine the frustrations and challenges across three types of digital experiences – ecommerce, customer service & support and employee experience.

  • 90% of consumers expected their ecommerce experience to be equal to or better than the in-store experience
  • 43% of consumers state they’d pay more if they could find what they are looking for with just a couple of clicks
  • 28% of consumers would also pay more for the ability to find support content easily
  • 26% of consumers say they would pay more if they could get personalised recommendations
  • 50% of consumers state they sometimes or always have a problem when shopping online
  • 73% of consumers say they would abandon a brand after three or less negative customer experiences
  • 47% of consumers are bothered by website search
  • 43% of consumers are bothered by website navigation
  • 42% of consumers are bothered about finding relevant information

The biggest pain-point for businesses, according to the report, are – 

  • cart abandonment,
  • low conversion rate, and
  • low repeat and average purchase value.

At least one of these concerns can be improved as long as you have the right email marketing software on your side to create strong email marketing automation.

To find out what you need to focus on and improve to create an exceptional ecommerce consumer experience, download the Relevance Report 2021: Ecommerce here.

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