How many organisations have adopted – and enforced – DMARC?

Email remains the main target for cybercrime and since the COVID-19 outbreak (over a year ago) it has been involved in more than 90% of cyberattacks.

When it comes to protecting their sender’s identity with DMARC, brands are becoming wiser (at least bigger ones) and adopting the authentication standard. Yet, are all organisations enforcing it? Let’s see what the Email Fraud Landscape Spring 2021 report says on the matter.

Key Findings – 

  • at least 1% of global email traffic uses suspicious or fraudulent sender identity. Interesting stat: 319.6 billion emails sent/received daily in 2021.
  • over 43% annual growth in large organisations using and enforcing DMARC
  • 0.4% spoof rate in organisations with DMARC enforcement
  • 1.9% spoof rate in organisations without DMARC enforcement
  • over 1.28 million domains globally have configured DMARC
  • 80% of worldwide inboxes have DMARC protection based on the organisation’s chosen email client (includes Gmail,, Microsoft 365, and Yahoo Mail)
  • 27% of Fortune 500 companies have enforced DMARC despite 77% DMARC usage
  • 24% of tech companies have enforced DMARC despite 74% DMARC usage

According to the report, “DMARC usage is growing, and rates of enforcement are increasing, as domain owners recognise the utility of this widely accepted standard for curtailing one of the most pernicious types of email-based attacks.”

Download the full Email Fraud Landscape Spring 2021 report here.

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