A study shows 43% of B2B prospect prefer to hear about companies via email, 49% plan to invest in email marketing systems by 2022 and a report revealing that the GDPR compliance rate remains low with only 42% of businesses, worldwide, being fully compliant. 

“Every study that’s been done on email marketing has shown that increased frequency brings better results. If you’re only emailing somebody once a month, they’ll forget you.” – Ian Brodie

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent email industry news:

  1. B2B buyers prefer email over other communication channels
  2. Most firms lag in GDPR compliance

Let’s dig in.

Email Tops B2B Channel List For Customers

According to the B2B Digital Experience Report – a study by Episerver, email is the highly preferred communication method for B2B decision-makers.

 Among B2B prospects, 43% prefer to hear about companies by email and email’s importance is reflected by the fact that 49% of vendor companies plan to invest in email systems.

When conducting the research, it appeared email is preferred by 45% in the US and by 51% in the UK. In addition, 44% of German B2B customers choose email communications, along with 44% in Sweden and 29% in Australia.

Furthermore, of the B2B leaders surveyed, 54% want brands to communicate more frequently by email than any other channel. The least desired option is phone calls.

Marketers list the following channels as the most effective ones in regards to reaching customers (1) paid search – 21%, (2) website – 14%, (3) email marketing – 13% and (4) paid social media – 11%. At the same time, 48% provide personalised content on their websites and/or via email.

By 2022, B2B companies plan to invest in:

  • Web analytics/business intelligence – 51%
  • Email marketing system – 49%
  • Ecommerce platform – 38%
  • AI-based technologies – 31%
  • Personalisation technologies – 24%
  • Marketing automation – 24%

The survey was conducted among 700 decision-makers fro the US, UK, Germany, Sweden and Australia which represent enterprise manufacturing, distributing, retail and service providers organisations. You can download the full survey here.

GDPR Compliance Rate Remains Low

We are mere weeks away from the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) taking effect; and, that will be followed by the PDPA in Thailand in May 2020 and the LGPD in Brazil in August 2020. However, marketers have not yet learned to cope with the 18-month-old GDPR and we all know how crucial compliance is.

According to a recent study, worldwide only 42% of businesses are fully compliant with GDPR’s data access rule. That means 58% of organisations are failing to meet the one-month requirement for addressing requests from consumers seeking a copy of their personal data. It’s definitely an improvement over 2018 when 70% were still not compliant. Still, it doesn’t say much for worldwide preparedness.

The worst stragglers are public sector organisations – only 29% can provide the data within the one-month limit. Amid commercial enterprises, media and telecom businesses are the worst, with only 32% that can comply. However, the leaders are in the travel, transport and hospitality sector where 38% provide data in less than 16 days.

It seems retail companies have improved their game with 46% that now comply, although the rate could still be better.

The possible reasons for failing compliance are many. According to the study, one is the lack of automation and a consolidated view of data. Amidst the poor practices is also the failure to ask for proof of identification – with only 20% that do so.

On the management level, 52% are “very optimistic” about being prepared for privacy regulations. However, only 39% of operational workers agree. 

Furthermore, 43% of managers say their business’s data is always accurate and up to date. Yet, only 29% of data practitioners would concur.

Final Thoughts

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