The state of email marketing in 2019, Gmail getting an upgrade to allow users to send emails as attachments without having to forward or download them and Microsoft developing an Office 365 tool to combat “Reply All” mail storm attacks.

“Email may well be your most productive marketing tool.” – Dan Zarrella

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent email industry news:

  1. Research about the state of email marketing in 2019
  2. Send emails as attachments in Gmail 
  3. Microsoft wants to kill off “reply all” email chains

Let’s dig in into the email industry news, shall we?

The State Of Email Marketing in 2019

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the state of email marketing in 2019; and, of course, plan accordingly.

A research conducted by Demand Metric and Return Path by Validity uncover the tactics email marketers have been using, how well they’re working, brands’ top objectives; and, what challenges prevent greater success in email. 

Here are some of the key findings for 2019:

  • The top email marketing objectives are communicating with customers (74 %), building brand awareness (64 %) and communicating with prospects (63 %).
  • Over one-third of study participants (37 %) report that email marketing effectiveness is increasing, down from 44 %in 2018.
  • Firms that report increasing email marketing effectiveness are more likely to also report annual revenue growth.
  • The biggest email marketing challenge is competition for attention in the inbox (45 %).
  • Email deliverability ranked third on the list of challenges and saw a 12 % increase compared to 2018.
  • Email personalisation was the top email marketing tactic in use (72 %), a slight increase from 2018.
  • One-third of the study participants have no formal subject-line optimisation process.

Download “The State of Email Marketing 2019” report and start evaluating your email marketing efforts so far. Whilst some businesses might be doing an exceptional job, others are still struggling to achieve a return on their email marketing investment. Don’t be one of them. 

Email Your Emails In Gmail

Google’s emailing system is getting an upgrade. Forget about forwarding emails. Come January 13, 2020, Gmail users will be allowed to send emails as attachments. Without having to forward or download them first.

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Enthusiastic emailers can attach as many emails as they want which will appear as a .eml file. Simply select the emails and then drag-drop them. Alternatively, you can right-click on the selected emails and use the ‘forward as attachment’ function. For those of you, who love having multiple tabs open, you’ll be pleased to know that the attachment will open in a new window.

Why would someone want this? Well, let’s allow Google to answer this directly – 

“We’ve heard from you that there are situations where attaching emails makes more sense than forwarding separate emails. Like wanting to forward multiple messages related to a single topic. With this new functionality, you can do exactly that. Sending emails as attachments allows you to write a summary email message to your recipients; and, attach the set of supporting emails that recipients can directly open in their mail client.”

So, there – you have it. However, be advised the feature is rolling out gradually. Thus, you’ll know when it’s available when you see the ‘forward as attachment’ option in the menu.

Microsoft Office 365 to Add Reply-All Mail Storm Protection

Microsoft is planning to add protection against Reply-All email storms to Office 365, an issue affecting customers that are members of improperly locked down mail distribution lists.

A Reply-All storm (a.k.a reply-allpocalypse) is a huge chain reaction sequence of emails that usually starts when one of the members of a large email distribution list replies to the entire list using the “Reply All” feature.

A possible outcome of such an event is an inadvertent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that can potentially take down one or more email servers used to deliver the huge amounts of replies exchanged.

Here’s what Microsoft says about the Reply-All Storm Protection – 

“When a Reply-All mail storm happens in your organization it can disrupt business continuity and even cause unexpected throttling of your organization’s mail flow within Office 365. While Exchange Online has several features designed to help prevent Reply-All storms (e.g. Distribution List (DL) allowed-sender lists and recipient limits) that reduce the severity and impact of reply-all storms, they can still happen; especially if the DLs haven’t been locked down tightly. Reply-All Storm Protection in Exchange Online will detect when a Reply-All storm is happening (or likely to happen) and will temporarily block users from replying to everyone on the thread. During this “cool down” period the service will send anyone who tries to reply to everyone a bounce message (or NDR); that will effectively tell them to not try to reply all to the message. The temporary block will be active for several hours. Usually enough time to dampen end-user enthusiasm to reply to the thread, and thus curtail the storm before it gets started or before it gains much momentum.”

The feature is currently in development and is scheduled to launch during the third quarter of 2020, says Microsoft.

Final Thoughts

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