What type of challenges are email marketers most concerned about? What are the prime times for sending emails? How are email marketers adapting to the newest privacy regulations and what’s their impact on email? 

“A bad email reputation is like a hangover–hard to get rid of and it makes everything else hurt.” – Chris Marriott

In this article, we’ll cover the following email industry news:

  1. DMA’s Marketer Email Tracker 2020 report
  2. When’s the perfect time to send your content? – study
  3. How the new privacy rules affect email? – report

Let’s dive in.

Marketer Email Tracker 2020 [Report]

In these trying times, everyone from email marketers to brands and customers is facing challenges. 

According to a report from the DMA, email has a pivotal role for organisations which are working tirelessly on providing advice, reassurance and updates to their customers. However, what are the challenges that marketers come across and struggle with the most when it comes to their email programmes?

DMA’s report classifies the challenges into six categories:

1) Budget and Resource;
2) Data;
3) Content;
4) Internal Processes;
5) Leadership and Strategy; and
6) Technology.

The top three challenges that seem to bother email marketers the most are ‘budget and resource’ (61%), followed by ‘data’ (42%) and then ‘leadership and strategy’ (40%). The remaining categories should not be overlooked either as they are still worrisome to one in four organisations.

Furthermore, an extended analysis revealed internal connections amongst the six categories which are an indication that businesses are having multiple challenges on their hands.

A deficiency of ‘budget and resource’ appears to challenge organisations that are already coping with other challenges. More than half (51%) of those who struggle with ‘content’ (52%), ‘internal processes’ (51%) and ‘leadership and strategy’ associated challenges, also face tough times with their budget and resources,” states the DMA.

Moreover, challenges regarding ‘leadership and strategy’ appear to affect businesses who are already struggling with ‘internal processes’ (43%), ‘content’ (39%) and ‘technology’ (30%) hurdles.

Those businesses who see difficulties with their organisation’s ‘content’ (39%) and ‘technology’ (30%) also face challenges when it comes to ‘data’.

Lastly, ‘content’ challenges are notable for those email marketers that are also dealing with ‘leadership and strategy’ (32%) and ‘budget and resource’ (29%) challenges.

Source: DMA

You can find the full Marketer Email Tracker 2020 report here.

Prime Time For Sending B2B Emails [Study]

If you are thinking about sending that awesomely crafted email campaign over the weekend, you needn’t have to bother. 

According to a study conducted by our friends at NetLine, Saturday and Sunday are the worst days for sending your emails. On the other hand, the best possible time to send is midweekTuesday and Wednesday. The stats point out that if you want to reach C-level execs, the best day and time to do it is Tuesday @ 10 a.m. (EST), followed by 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. (EST).

Furthermore, the next best days to send your emails out are Monday and Thursday, with Friday being a rather weak day in comparison.

The report also shows that engagement levels have decreased in almost every channel except email.

The type of content that people were most interested in, based on the report data, are – 

a) eBooks, whitepapers, eGuides and reports;
b) tips and tricks;
c) cheat sheets;
d) on-demand webinars; and
e) subscriptions.

As per the subject lines, the best phrases are – a) enterprise security; b) talent management; c) CFO; d) financial risk; and, e) leadership advice. 

Keep in mind the report is based on patterns observed in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world.

The Long Reach Of The Law: Privacy Rules & Their Impact On Email

Merkle’s Q2 2020 Customer Engagement report states that the channel that has been most affected by privacy regulations is email.

19% of marketers who participated in the survey state that email is the one communication channel that was most affected by new privacy rules like CCPA and GDPR. Moreover, 92% of the marketers are quite convinced in their proficiency to comply with new privacy rules, with 67% declaring that recent privacy laws have affected their marketing in a positive way.

Additionally, the report points out that 70% of businesses utilise email marketing service providers to assist with compliance, with 53% using legal support and 46% seeking help from consultancy firms.

Although this report is primarily focused on agile marketing, the content on privacy is a must-read for any email marketer.

Final Thoughts

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