What is Microsoft’s Project Monarch about? What are the latest email security threats? How to prepare for the newest wave of email attack campaigns?

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In this article, we’ll cover the following email industry news:

  1. Microsoft Outlook getting a facelift
  2. [Report] Email Security Threats 2020

Let’s dive in.

A Major Change To Microsoft Outlook

Every PC with Microsoft Office has Outlook installed on it. There is also a mobile app and a web version of Microsoft’s email client. There is also a separate app for email and calendar for Windows 10. Confused yet? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It appears even Microsoft realised things have gotten complicated and a little out of hand. 

Thus, the company decided it’s time to build a universal Outlook client for both Windows and Mac that will replace Windows 10’s current Mail and Calendar apps as well as the legacy Win 32 Outlook client. The project, with the codename Monarch, aims to create a unified Outlook client designed for large-screen experiences and working across PC, Mac and the web. 

The new “One Outlook” (or Monarch) is reportedly in early stages. However, users might be able to see a preview by the end of 2021. Yet, the new Outlook will not be released until some time in 2022. 

This is quite a significant step for the Microsoft brand as many of its developed products are strictly for Microsoft products. Such a new platform, along with a wider scope of user access, could potentially turn project Monarch into a gamechanger in the communication space. Yet, would it be enough to compete with Google’s Gmail and Calendar where users can easily sync everything?

Email Security Threat Report 2020

Email is the top marketing communication channel and yet, it is also considered one of the weakest links in a business’s security with 94% of cyber-threats originating in the email environment.

From spear-phishing through impersonation to account takeovers – traditional gateway protections are limited. Moreover, as cyber-criminals update their attack infrastructure quicker than ever, businesses must embrace the latest technologies to stay ahead of any email security threats.

To help businesses protect their email environment, Darktrace, a world-leading AI cybersecurity company, has released an Email Security Threat Report 2020 which will explore the various avenues by which cyber-criminals are targeting corporate inboxes and teach you how to get ready for the latest wave of email attack campaigns.

The email attacks documented in the report are divided into four highly sophisticated attack categories that routinely bypass business’s “protective skin” – 

1) spear-phishing and payload delivery
2) supply chain account takeover
3) social engineering and solicitation
4) compromised employee credentials

To read the full free report with 13 real-world case studies that managed to slip through the traditional security tools but were neutralised by AI, click here.

Final Thoughts

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