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In this email industry news roundup, we cover the ongoing issue with spam, phishing and fraud, a service disruption in one of the biggest email service providers, extended support to an Outlook feature for iOS and Android and the outcome of GDPR almost a year after it was implemented.

In this article, we’ll cover the most recent email industry news about:

  1. The Top 5 Worst Botnet ISPs
  2. Gmail’s service disruption
  3. Outlook – Actionable Messages on the go
  4. The State of GDPR – a year on

Let’s dig in.


Spam, phishing, click-fraud and all sorts of other malicious activities have been inundating Inboxes for years and there’s no end in sight. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the stats on how many spam emails are being sent in a second and you will.  (2.8m per second if you’re not feeling clicky today).

What’s worse is even ISPs are not 100% protected from being infected. According to Spamhaus stats, as of 13 May –

The Top 5 Worst Botnet ISPs (Source: Spamhaus)

The Top 5 Worst Botnet ISPs

1. chinanet.cn.net (1,425,007 number of bots)
2. tedata.net (876,509)
3. vnnic.net.vn (682,855)
4. amazon.com (555,924)
5. airtel.in (326,665).


We were pretty surprised to find Amazon occupying 4th place. Additional details, statistics and breakdown by domain can be found here.

GMAIL – Email disruption

When it comes to ESPs it seems Gmail has been acting up. The system has been a bit finicky in the last couple of weeks, with reports of unspecified service disruptions affecting users all over the world. A day after Google confirmed the issue – on the apps status page – they announced the annoying issues have been resolved. However, a quick look at Down Detector can verify people are still reporting issues with the Google-provided email service. Nonetheless, Gmail’s service disruption might be a blessing in disguises. You now have the perfect excuse to ignore people.

Outlook – Actionable messages on the go

Are you an Outlook user actioning emails via your iOS or Android device? If so, we have some interesting news for you. Microsoft announced the support for Actionable Messages in Outlook for both mobile operating systems. The reason for extending the support to iOS and Android is to further help customers get things done – or actioned – on the go.

Why should you care?

Imagine you’ve left the office suddenly. However, there are still things that need to be done which require your attention, like receiving an email requiring you to approve a timesheet, grant system access or answer a quick survey for a product launch. You can act on it, immediately, right inside the email without having to leave your inbox or switch apps. It certainly saves time. More details can be found on Microsoft Office Dev Center.

The State of GDPR – one year on

Lastly, we’d like to focus on data protection. It’s been almost a year since the implementation of GDPR and according to DMA’s Consumer email tracker 2019 report, consumers’ trust in brands has grown. The rules have also made 41% of consumers feel more confident about how businesses are handling their data.

56% of marketers feel positive about the impact the not-so-new regulations have had on their email campaigns. Of course, there is 20% who feel the opposite – we have no idea what the other 24% think. Also, when it comes to compliance, it seems most UK marketers consider themselves to be over 82% compliant with GDPR, with 20% claiming to be 100% compliant. According to DMA’s Director of Policy and Compliance – John Mitchison – “GDPR is just the beginning of the journey that has and will continue to impact all, consumers and marketers.” More details here.


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