“A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.” – Ramsay Leimenstoll

A high-performing email list isn’t just about the numbers.

In fact, for successful email list management, it’s vastly more important to nurture, manage and monitor your subscriber list carefully to make sure that everyone wants to be there and is 100% engaged with what you’re doing.

In this article, we’ll run through 8 essential tips to improve your email list management. We’ll look at:

  • Nurturing and weeding your list
  • Getting people engaged at different stages of their relationship with you
  • Balancing creativity and consistency
  • Letting subscribers have their say

Excited? Let’s get started.

1. Keep Growing Your Email List

Your brand is no doubt evolving and your subscriber base will, too. Recent sign-ups tend to be the most engaged, so keep that list fresh with people who are excited to have just discovered you.

2. … But Keep Pruning it, Too

It’s not about pushing up the numbers, though. It’s about pushing up the number of people who love what you do. Make sure you’re constantly removing dead addresses to keep up your delivery rates and pay close attention to subscribers who stop opening your emails.

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3. Warmly Welcome Newbies

How you handle the sign-up process will shape your whole relationship with a subscriber. Make it easy, personalised and highly engaging. Send a welcome email that guides them towards valuable or interesting content immediately. Consider surprising them with an extra discount or freebie that they weren’t expecting, just to say thank you. Little touches make a big difference here.

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4. Give Subscribers Plenty of Control

Email frequency plays a major role in a person’s decision to unsubscribe. So does getting emails that don’t seem relevant to them. The best way to avoid this issue is to simply ask them what they want at the point of sign-up. This helps you to segment your list properly, improving engagement and click-throughs, while ensuring you’re communicating with each person in a way that works for them.

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5. Work Hard to Re-Engage People

Getting someone signed up is only the first step of a long journey. People lose interest over time. They stop opening your emails as often.

You need to make a concerted effort with these subscribers to show that you still care about keeping their interest and attention, so make sure you craft email campaigns that target those who haven’t opened or clicked through for a while, checking in to see what more you can do, asking for feedback, or offering them a compelling new reason to re-engage.

Oh, but if they want to leave, don’t make it difficult. It should be easy to unsubscribe.

6. Don’t Buy Lists

From rock-bottom engagement to potential legal action to blacklisting by major email providers, this is an absolutely terrible idea.

7. Review What Works

Track the success of your campaigns and investigate closely to see which ones went down best with which subscribers and demographics. The more data you collect and analyse, the more you can hone your segmentation and targeting, putting your list to better and better use.

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8. Only Send Good Stuff

It sounds obvious, but it’s vital that you never send out an email that you aren’t convinced offers real value to the recipient. When you’re under pressure to keep to a campaign’s schedule it can be tempting to cobble something together, but it’s often better to delay than risk disappointing your subscribers. They might not open the next one if you do.

To avoid this, always plan out a detailed content calendar and corresponding email campaign, so you can be sure there will be no duds on the horizon.

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Final Thoughts

Remember that all of these email list management best practices are much easier when you have the right technology supporting you. Make sure that your email marketing platform is set up to help you test, tweak and monitor results as painlessly as possible.

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