As you know, email marketing continues to grow year-on-year with an eye-watering ROI of a whopping 42:1. It simply cannot be beaten in the digital marketing stakes. 

However, choosing the correct email marketing software to entrust your campaigns, newsletters and valuable client data is key to success. Picking one from a Google search or what your new marketing exec on the first floor used to use may not be the way to go, we’ll tell you why. As your email campaigns are a critical slice of your marketing mix you must ensure that the email platform you choose not only has the features you require but knowledgeable, near-instant, support on hand when you need it.

“There are tons of MailChimp alternatives out there. But, there’s only one that will fit all your specific needs perfectly whilst feeling like an internal department you can rely on.” – EmailOut

As an email marketer, when choosing the right email marketing software, you need to know that the features you require are included in the price you’re willing to pay and there would be no hidden costs in the small print. Therefore, to save you trawling through the fine print and help you do email marketing like MailChimp but better, I decided to take a deep-dive into the pros and cons of using MailChimp and suggest a much better alternative.

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  1. Pros and cons of using MailChimp
  2. Email marketing like MailChimp but better – the perfect alternative 

Ready to dive in?

If you ask someone what type of beer or food they prefer, the answers will be subjective. Hence, the perfect email marketing software for you is not necessarily perfect for someone else.

To keep subjectivity to a minimum when choosing an email marketing platform, email marketers must consider four important factors – 

1) Price – are you willing to pay £$€250 a month on an email marketing platform when you can spend 80% less and get the same or more functionality?
2) Ease of use – is the user interface (UI) as easy to navigate?
3) Reviews/Recommendations – does the email marketing tool have positive or negative feedback? Check what people are saying about it on social media or the business’s website. Has it been recommended by someone? Do you trust their opinion?
4) Comparison – how does one email marketing platform compare to others in terms of price, UI, efficiency, ease of use, and personal support etc.?

If you are already using an email marketing tool like MailChimp but looking for MailChimp alternatives offering a more friendly user interface (UI) and excellent features all while having better prices and presenting your brand with better chances to grow through dedicated account manager advice, you’ve come to the right place.

Consequently, if you are simply looking for the perfect email marketing software to start, I can help with that too. How? Simply by giving you the pros and cons of using MailChimp (based on extensive research) and offering you an alternative that removes all barriers to entry by allowing its users to send up to 12,500 marketing emails every month, for free, to a mailing list of 2,500 subscribers, forever

MailChimp – Pros & Cons

MailChimp is one of the most well-known email marketing tools out there. However, is it worth it? There’s an attractive (albeit sometimes a bit confusing) interface with many drag-drop design options for emails; there are the indispensable A/B testing and analytic tools to track how well your campaigns are doing. This is the basic deal that’s free for users with up to 2,000 subscribers, nice.

There are also a bunch of other sophisticated features, like reports that allow you to compare industry averages to see how well your email campaigns are performing; a preview tool to see how your emails look in different email clients; and, there are even automation features that allow you to integrate with your website so that people are automatically sent emails when they hit certain landing pages.

However, the downside is that none of these features are free. Even with a small email list, you would need to pay to use them. Worse, you also can’t access any form of support on the free plan, so if you get stuck… well, you stay stuck.

For example, it’ll cost you £488.16 + VAT for the bare essential features and a maximum of 5 email lists (audiences). It’s a whopping £2,807.16 + VAT before you can get phone support and unlimited email lists (audiences).

In 2019, MailChimp hit a pretty rough patch. First, the company
“broke up” with Shopify – the latter killing the integration between the two due to data security concerns. Then, the cheeky monkey quietly acquired Shopify’s fellow competitor LemonStand. Following the split with the e-commerce company, merchants started dropping MailChimp and looking for alternative ESPs. Unfortunately for MailChimp, the misfortunes didn’t stop there. Their Mandrill app crashed in early March 2019 followed by a huge data breach. The cherry on top was when the supposedly free tool made a huge change to their pricing structure which resulted in a huge amount of users jumping ship. 

Due to all these disasters, many users have had regrets on their choice of an email service provider; and consequently started looking for MailChimp alternatives. Others still unhappy with Mailchimp are trying to cancel. But, are still being charged for services they are no longer using. 

With all those significant issues, huge price hike and the lack of important tools for direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses, marketers started to ask themselves – “Is MailChimp the best email marketing software for me? Or, should I choose a MailChimp alternative better suited for my needs – and budget?”

Email Marketing Like MailChimp But Better – The Perfect Alternative Is…

Are you thinking “MailChimp can provide it all but… it’s a bit more than a little pricey?” Well, there’s a perfect alternative in EmailOut, let me tell you why. 

With this free email marketing software, you get all the essentials (and more) without spending a cent or a single of Her Majesty’s pennies – 

a) list management tools like data cleaning, data segmentation, personalisation and custom fields;

b) gorgeous free email templates with drag-and-drop design elements or you can import your HTML if you prefer;

c) spam and inbox testing (yep, still free for unlimited use) – the spam test evaluates your campaign against 23 of the most popular spam filters and the inbox (design) test allows you to review your campaign in over 70+ different email clients and mobile devices;

d) A/B testing (a.k.a split testing) – split testing is complicated enough without having to incorporate multiple technologies but by selecting an email marketing platform with built-in A/B testing features your life will but so much easier;

e) automation features – onboarding email series, triggered email campaigns, autoresponders, etc. – with EmailOut you can do it all;

f) email tracking and marketing analytic tools for measuring deliverability rate, open rate, click-throughs, bounce rate, complaint rate and unsubscribe rate; and

g) you also get round-the-clock tech support in case anything goes wrong.

Already convinced? Take a look now >>>

What’s the difference between EmailOut and MailChimp?

EmailOut was created by a group of tech and email marketing professionals as a tool to bring fully functional free email marketing software to everyone – from startups and entrepreneurs to small, medium and corporate-sized senders. The best part is that all of the above features are included as standard, for free. Unlike most ESPs where email marketers face hidden costs, limited functionality and lack of ease of use.

Furthermore, the EmailOut troops are made up of people who, over the years, have worked for the leading email marketing platforms and they know which features people use and which they don’t. But, let’s say there’s a feature that only MailChimp can offer which tips the decision-scales in their favour. Do you know how EmailOut can compete and even beat MailChimp? They will stop, collaborate and listen, take your suggestion to the marvellous development team and create the feature you wanted – cool. That’s how amazing these guys are. How many other email marketing software providers do you know that would do that – just for you?

Email marketing for free? There must be a catch. 

There is not. The guys at EmailOut do not believe in hidden costs buried deep in the fine print or T&Cs that, let’s face it, no one has the time to read. If you have up to 2,500 subscribers you can send 12,500 emails for free, for life. You only start paying when you hit 2,501 subscribers and you’ll never have to pay for extra features. The upside of EmailOut is that you don’t have access to just some of MailChimp’s features, you will have access to all EmailOut features.

Are you intrigued? Ready to pick a winning professional email marketing platform like MailChimp but better – and less pricey? If all this is not enough to convince you that EmailOut is the best MailChimp alternative out there, maybe their pricing will. Paying users that switch over report saving up to 80% in some cases.

Final Thoughts

If you are studious with your marketing budget and need complex marketing automation, the ability to manage multiple email lists and, most importantly, strong data privacy, MailChimp is no longer the only email marketing tool for you. With all the service crashes, hidden price changes, data breaches and limited access to features, you’ll only be a number on a sales graph, one which they’re itching to turn into revenue.

EmailOut, on the other hand, might be new to you but its creators have been involved in email marketing since the industry began and have ensured that all the features an email marketer will need are easily accessible and, most of all, free – for everyone. You won’t have to cut down your already tight budget or lay-off anyone to achieve your business goals. 

The best way to do email marketing like MailChimp but better is to do your research and test alternative email marketing tools. Every MailChimp alternative won’t be right for every business. So, consider the many variables when choosing an email marketing platform – from pricing vs features to ease of use and personal support (yes, even for free users) and reviews + feedback. The right tool might not be the tool you’re currently using, if you’re reading this you know that already – try EmailOut now, it’s free.

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