How email marketers are optimising their email marketing strategy to achieve better subscriber/customer engagement?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused quite the shift in the way businesses operate and communicate with their audience. Yet, even during such turbulent times, 91% of consumers rate email as THE top communication channel with 55% considering it as a “could not live without”. But, how are email marketers optimising their email strategy to ensure their target audience will remain engaged despite their inbox being flooded?

Ascend2’s study – Email Marketing Optimisation – will provide some insight from 298 marketers to help you improve your email marketing strategy.

Here are some highlights from the study – 

1) The most difficult objective to achieve when optimising an email marketing strategy?

  • maintaining an engaged email list – 45%
  • reducing spam complaints – 37%
  • increasing the size of an email list – 34%
  • achieving measurable ROI – 33%
  • integrating email data with other systems – 29%
  • effectively leveraging personalisation – 28%
  • optimising for the small screen (i.e. smartphones, tablets) – 22%

2) Pre-launch Testing: Which elements are the most important to test before sending an email campaign?

  • design – 43%
  • deliverability – 36%
  • subject line – 35%
  • subscriber verification – 32%
  • accessibility – 31%
  • sender reputation/spam score – 28%

To find out which are the most effective automated email series, how long must subscribers be inactive before being removed and the most important characteristics to improve for effective email marketing optimisation, download the Email Marketing Optimisation study here

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