Do you sometimes feel like you’re catapulting your emails out into the ether without really knowing if they have the desired effect?

A well-organized email marketing strategy is crucial – and while everyone’s will differ according to your business and goals, there are some tried-and-tested elements that always contribute to a great strategy.

In this article, we’ll talk about the following top 8 elements which must be a part of your email marketing strategy:

  1. Working out what you what to achieve
  2. Reviewing past attempts
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Subject Lines
  5. Calls-to-Action
  6. Segmentation
  7. Customer Feedback
  8. Split-testing

Let’s get started!

1. Figure Out Your Objectives

It sounds obvious, but do you know why you’re running an email campaign? What exactly are you trying to achieve? Are you driving sales? Building a community around your product? Getting people to take part in online events? It’s important to be totally clear on what you want recipients to do as a result of your campaigns before you start building a strategy.

2. Review What You’ve Tried Before

If you’ve ever sent out emails before, you already have a wealth of valuable information to hand. Take a look at which emails did well and which bombed. Analyze them as closely as possible – not just in terms of their subject matter, but also things like the time and day they were sent. You’ll be able to cherry-pick your findings as a basis for your new strategy.

3. Focus On Lead Generation

Without people to send emails to, you don’t have much of a strategy. Experiment with different methods to get the right kind of people to hand over their emails addresses. Creating high-end, gated content and running contests are two strong examples.

4. Analyze Your Email Subject Lines

Many a great email has languished unopened because the subject line didn’t grab the reader. Analyzing your subject lines should be a priority for you. Take a good hard look at your open rates and put a lot of effort into coming up with compelling headers. You can also get some inspiration and ideas for amazing email subject lines here

5. Consider Calls-to-Action

We said above that you need to know what you want from your recipients before you hit send. Well, all of that is crystallized in your final call-to-action. As you design your email marketing strategy, start with the call-to-action for each email and work backwards. That will keep you focused!

6. Segment Your List

Segmentation is central to a successful strategy (whoa, how’s that for a tongue-twister?!). Getting this right is 99% about sending the right emails to the right people. You can get more great advice on email segmentation here.

7. Get Input From Customers

You can save a helluva lot of guesswork and wasted effort by just… asking people what they want! When people first sign up to your list, ask them a few questions about their interests and email preferences. This will help you structure your campaigns.

8. Split-Test

The secret to a great strategy is testing, testing, testing… and refining, refining, refining. An excellent way to do that is to use split-testing, also known as A/B testing, to try out two different version of the same campaign simultaneously, and then switching to the more successful one when the initial results are in.

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