Working with an email newsletter service is vital to the growth of your business

Giving you independence from social network decisions and search algorithmic changes which are outside your control.

“That which is measured improves.”
– Karl Pearson

In fact, this drive towards platform independence is probably why more than 360 billion emails are sent each day or around nine per active user whereas there are ‘only’ 3.6 billion social media users globally in any given year (2020), thus making your selection of the best free email newsletter service vital.

In the following article, we show you the seven things to watch for as you consider the best email marketing service for your needs. Let’s begin.

  1. Robust Analytics
  2. More Ways to Automate
  3. Unconstrained Design
  4. User Friendliness
  5. Responsiveness
  6. Playing Nice With Others
  7. Cost Efficiency
  1. Robust Analytics

Data will tell you much of what you need to know regarding everything from content to subject lines. It will show you the newsletters that get higher open rates, as well as how your list subscribers are interacting with content.

Surprisingly, many businesses do not take advantage of the analytical side of things. In fact, recent stats show that an astounding two-thirds of businesses fail to find things like segmentation impactful. It’s because they fail to understand the power hiding in that data.

Before you commit to an email newsletter service, thoroughly examine the depth of analytical information that it provides. What are the metrics that matter to you?

Is there anything the service provides that you haven’t thought about? A good email newsletter service will help you develop an unprecedented understanding of who your customers are and what elicits a response from them.

  1. More Ways to Automate

Another aspect to look for from your email newsletter service is automation. Scheduling tools that are dependable and allow you to create newsletters with on-time delivery are important.

Additionally, look for tools that allow you to manage repetitive information for ease in adding calendar events and other types of shareable content. Furthermore, email marketing automation can significantly increase user engagement.

  1. Unconstrained Design

When it comes to design, less is more. Content should be centre-stage with visuals that are aesthetically pleasing but subtle enough to not stand in the way of loading times and general display.

Additionally, make sure the email service cares as much about the look of your newsletter on mobile devices as it does on a laptop or desktop, and vice-versa. A great number of users consume web-based content on their phones, and your newsletter is no exception.

Be mindful that although many email templates will be available, your design is a blank canvas, and unlike social media advertising, you are only constrained by your imagination.

  1. User Friendliness

Something else to keep in mind with newsletter services is that the features should be intuitive and easy for you to figure out. That’s true even if you have limited experience working with content management systems.

Drag-and-drop features are in high demand even as coding purists continually preach about customisation and other perks that require years of web design experience to articulate. That’s because drag-and-drop allows the user to focus more on content than technical details.

Getting bogged down on the technical side is a sure way to kill your enthusiasm for content development. Your newsletter software should not put up any unnecessary obstacles.

  1. Responsiveness

For a newsletter to be effective, it must publish regularly and be predictable in doing so. That’s tough to do when you’re not receiving the technical support you need and deserve.

Inevitably, issues arise. The issues can be user errors or the occasional programme glitch. That issues arise is not of the most importance, but rather how responsive the email service is in responding to them and you.

A strong customer service department can ensure that you get the answers you need to continue with your project regardless of what the underlying cause may be. Look for a service provider with the resources to address your needs as quickly as possible – if a meaningful response to your query is measured in hours, or god forbid – days (!), rather than in minutes, it’s time to look elsewhere.

  1. Playing Nice With Others

Another aspect of an email marketing program not to be overlooked is third-party integration. Let’s face it. You probably use multiple tools to create content, make it shareable, and manage your overall campaigns.

Email programs closed off from other applications are not doing you any favours. As you look for a program to meet your needs, first do a roll call on your own operational tools. What applications do you use that might need to be factored into the service?

From there, examine the features. If the service already enables those applications, great. If not, would they be open to integrating the programs you utilise or have an API for you to connect to? Willingness to play nice with other applications is essential.

  1. Cost Efficiency

Where are you encountering costs in the development of your content, platform, and lists? Figuring these costs out will give you some insight into the ways that an email newsletter service can help reduce expenses.

Most programs will let you do a free test drive. Take advantage of these opportunities when and where you can, but do realise, if you plan to scale, you will eventually need to financially commit.

What are the costs of scaling your lists? What additional features come with paid versions that can help you increase revenue and reduce expenses or do all features come as standard to free and paid users?

Why You Should

Your email list is vital to finding success with business marketing efforts in the 21st Century. These are the people who want to hear from you directly, not through superficial social media platforms but directly. You need an email service that enables this, makes it easy and addresses the following needs.

Reduce Manual Work

Any company marketing to a large group of people will want to reduce the manual workflow as much as possible. Too much data entry and other manual activity will bog you down in the things that don’t actually create any additional revenue.

Understand Your Subscribers

Your email newsletter service is also essential to helping you understand who your subscribers are. It can tell you what’s working and what isn’t on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis. Without this understanding, you might as well be creating content and guiding your marketing campaigns blindfolded.

Focus More On Content

Unless your product actually is an email newsletter service 😉 , you should probably stay away from content that deals with detailed technical aspects of things. Instead, you want to focus on the tips, tricks, news items, and other information that you followers find of interest.

Establishing your newsletter platform on a service that’s intuitive means you can spend more time drilling down into your niche. That will keep open rates going up along with interest from your followers.

Sometimes the Best Bulk Email Newsletter Service is Not Just Cheap, it’s FREE…

Partnering with an email newsletter service can do much more than simply deliver your content. It can give you the proper insight into how much value you are creating for subscribers.

Do you want a service that makes newsletter campaigns more impactful through a combination of easy publishing and robust analytics? Consider signing up with EmailOut today for a look at what’s possible from a free to use service and if you’ve got any questions get in touch to see how quickly our account managers respond with meaningful solutions to your specific problems.

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