Hit writer’s block with your subject line?

Struggling to figure out why one of your email open rates was outstanding while another languished in inboxes forever? Sometimes you need answers, of course – or a little inspiration – fast.

In this article, we’ll give you 16 speedy fixes to get you back on the right track in seconds and, in addition, ensure you’ll improve your email open rates.

The hacks will help you answer these questions:

  1. How often do you need to refresh your contact list(s)?
  2. Why should you segment your contact list(s)?
  3. Should I buy email lists?
  4. Do I use A/B Testing?
  5. What words/phrases you SHOULD use?
  6. What words/phrases you SHOULDN’T use?

Keep reading to find the answers and more, equally important, information …

1. Refresh your subscriber list by removing inactive subscribers every 6 months.

2. Make it easy for people to opt out if they want to… surely there’s no point in forcing them to stay on your list if they’re just dragging down your open rate!

3. Segment your email list by interests/job role/demographic/whatever works for you, so you aren’t sending irrelevant emails to people who won’t open them.

4. Never, ever buy email lists. Your email open rates will be rubbish unless people chose to subscribe.

5. Personalise the emails using Merge Tags, to make sure they are addressed to the subscriber, rather than looking generic.

6. Ask people to add you to their address books in order to avoid ending up in spam folders.

7. Make use of any spam testing tools in your email management software – after all, a small change could make a big difference in keeping you out of junk folders!

8. Use A/B Testing to keep your options open while you figure out what works.

9. Try sending emails on a different day/time of day / tailored to a different timezone. You’d be amazed what a difference timing makes.

10. Use numbers in your subject lines. People, surprisingly, loooove numbers.

11. Avoid words such as “cash”, “discount” and “clearance” as these tend to trigger spam filters.

12. Use friendly and conversational language.

13. Don’t beg. “Please open!” “Please don’t ignore!”… these kind of phrases are annoying, and make it all about your needs rather than adding any value for the customer!

14. Create urgency by using phrases like “urgent”, “last chance”, “breaking”, “alert”, “important”, “don’t miss out”, “expires tonight”, etc.

15. Don’t WRITE IN ALL CAPS or use loads of punctuation!!!!!! See, it’s horrible. No one specifically wants to feel like you’re shouting at them.

16. Keep subject lines short (under 30 characters) so that they can be read easily on mobile devices.

Overall, if none of these hacks helps you improve your email open rates, you can always take a look at our article about the best subject lines that, certainly, will poke recipient’s interest to open your emails. It’s definitely worth a read.

Oh, and by all means, if you’re looking for a platform that will help you send out emails everyone wants to read, look no more. Just sign up for your free email marketing account, today, and start spreading awesomeness.

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