Spam is an issue concerning consent, not content.

Sending unsolicited emails (spamming) has been a problem of global proportions and a huge threat to both users and businesses alike. Unfortunately, some countries take little to no action to prevent spammers from running such malicious schemes within their borders. Moreover, spam will persist causing issues as various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) knowingly sell their services to professional spammers – for profit.

Are you wondering which countries have the highest number of live spam issues and which ISPs have the biggest number of ongoing spam problems? Take a look at Spamhaus’s stats as of August 28, 2020 – 

The World’s Top 10 Worst Spam Countries 

1) China – 2927 current live spam issues;
2) The U.S. – 2529 current live spam issues;
3) Russia – 856 current live spam issues;
4) Ukraine – 621 current live spam issues;
5) The U.K. – 533 current live spam issues;
6) Japan – 427 current live spam issues;
7) Hong Kong – 410 current live spam issues;
8) Germany – 347 current live spam issues;
9) Korea – 344 current live spam issues; and
10) India – 339 current live spam issues.

The World’s Top 10 Worst Spam Support ISPs 

1) – 300 reported phishing/malware spam complaints;
2) – 291 reported phishing/malware spam complaints;
3) chinanet-js – 263 reported phishing/malware spam complaints;
4) – 159 reported phishing/malware spam complaints;
5) chinanet-zj – 157 reported phishing/malware spam complaints;
6) – 140 reported phishing/malware spam complaints (this is certainly affecting their clients email deliverability);
7) – 140 reported phishing/malware spam complaints;
8) chinanet-hb – 134 reported phishing/malware spam complaints;
9) chinanet-ha – 129 reported phishing/malware spam complaints; and
10) – 124 reported phishing/malware spam complaints.

Did you know Google blocks more than 100 million phishing emails daily? 

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