“Many people make the mistake of saving money by wasting time.” – J.R. Rim

Is your email marketing strategy gobbling up precious time like a giant efficiency succubus?

Here are 7 email workflow tips to speed things up – and without ballooning your budget, either.

In this article, we’ll provide email workflow tips and advice on:

  • Using email automation
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Using templates
  • Reusing and curating content
  • Merging and segregating lists

Are you ready? Then let’s begin.

1. Plan Ahead

Scheduling is your friend. Deadlines can be scary, but taking a few hours now to figure out your content calendar, delivery schedule, email subject lines and so on for the next few months means you won’t waste time frantically pulling together content at the last minute: you know what’s coming and you’ll be prepared.

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2. Use Beautiful, Flexible Templates

Choose and design a handful of excellent email templates that you love and stick to them. You can adapt these for each campaign, but having the bare bones ready to go will save you a ton of time. If you use an email marketing platform like EmailOut you’ll have hundreds of awesome ones to choose from, too.

3. Automate Everything You Can

Automating triggered campaigns (such as welcome emails, abandoned cart emails and ‘we notice you haven’t used our service for a while’-type campaigns) is a great way to respond to user behaviour quickly and effectively. What’s more, email automation also takes the pressure off you to track this behaviour and craft relevant emails, saving you lots of time in the process.

4. Reuse Great Content

Great content takes valuable time to produce… so milk it for all it’s worth. Blog posts can be adapted for videos and vice versa. You can turn insights from podcasts or webinars into white papers and so on. All of these give you something great to share on social, too.

Plus, it’s a good idea to send out ‘this month’s highlights’-type emails that round up all the best content you’ve produced recently, stretching it even further without adding much to your workload.

5. Curate Other People’s Content

As well as your own stuff, keep an eye out for awesome content from others in your field. Obviously, you don’t want to promote direct competition, but incorporating links to excellent pieces from thought leaders and others you admire adds to your pile of valuable content, while potentially helping you build useful relationships, backlinks, retweets and so on – and all with very little investment of your time.

6. Merge Lists Where Possible

Do you have a bunch of lists from different events, campaigns, conferences and so on? If you are creating separate emails or content streams for all of these, you may be able to streamline this by merging all or several of these lists in one place.

7. Make Use of List Segregation

Instead of managing multiple lists, think carefully about how best to segment your existing lists by interest, region, preferences, job role, level or responsibility or any other factors that work for you. You can then send relevant content to each segment rather than sending all content to all people.

This may sound time-consuming, but actually, by building it into your content calendar from the outset you could find that it does the opposite. It saves countless hours spent trying to creatively word emails in ways that strive to include all recipients, even when the content is scarcely relevant to many of them. You get to use more concise, targeted language, while subscribers get the best possible content for them.

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Final Thoughts: Keep it Brief

Ultimately, freeing up your email workflow means not overloading yourself in the first place. Be realistic about how much you can squeeze into your schedule – and once you’ve made a plan, make sure you stick to it. 

This becomes a lot easier if you focus on emails that are short and sweet. Brief, to-the-point emails should take you less time to craft, will be easier to skim and direct people to your CTA – and your audience will probably prefer them anyway. Hence, our email workflow tips are exactly what you need to speed things up and achieve great results.

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