You were a couple of crazy kids with a big, ambitious dream…

… and now you’re ready to take it to the next level and expand your business. For that, you’ll need an incredible team around you.

The main challenge here isn’t finding people who are qualified enough to handle the tasks you need completing. It’s translating the small-team, startup magic into a company culture as you grow. Not only will you need a very special bunch of people around you to make that happen, but you also need to be smart with your recruitment strategies.

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics of employee recruitment strategies:

  1. Where to find (the right) people
  2. What qualities to look for
  3. Sharing your vision
  4. Growing a contented team

Let’s dig in into our 5 recruitment strategies for hiring the very best in your field.

1. Be On the Lookout All the Time (Not Just When You’re Ready to Hire)

Long before you start thinking about recruitment strategies or getting ready to take on new people, start thinking about who might be on that list. Whether at networking events, career fairs, conferences, shared projects or anything else, it’s smart to keep an eye out for people who impress you or have highly specialized skill sets (and to keep their contact details safe!). That way, when you really need someone to start soon, you’re already a few steps ahead.

2. Use an Employee Referral Program

The best teams are strong, cohesive communities in their own right. Invite your employees to recommend top candidates from their own network for the job and (provided they nail the trial period) reward them with a bonus for every awesome person you take on as a result. Not only does this widen your pool and give you reliable recommendations, but it also means your resulting team is more likely to get on with each other and share the same mindset!

3. Try Out Awesome Freelancers

One excellent way to figure out whether someone is great to work with is, of course, to work with them first. If you want to do that without ruffling feathers, consider trying out some different freelancers on set projects to get a feel for their working style and approach. If it goes really well, you can then consider offering them a full-time job.

Okay, a lot of freelancers love freelancing and never want to work for someone else. A lot, though, would be super excited to work for a truly innovative company that gives them space, support and respect to grow and thrive. What’s more, these kind of people are usually entrepreneurial go-getters used to running their own show. In other words, you won’t have to watch over their shoulders and can rely on them to pull their weight.

4. Focus On Flexibility and Growth

Working for a startup can be chaotic. Therefore, you have to think on your feet, jump in to fix things that aren’t your job, adapt your role to unexpected challenges. It takes a certain type of person to do that.

Focus on this element of the job during interviews. Explain where the company is headed, and ask the person how they see themselves growing and taking on new roles and pitching new ideas. Get them to talk about their flexibility, ability to cope with change and attitude to setbacks as much as their technical skills.

5. Use Your Community as a Hiring Pool

Remember that carefully built-up email list? It’s not just for sales. If you’re doing the hard work of developing a community of passionate users and testers around your product, that also means you have a whole group of people who love what you do and might want to be part of making it happen. Use that!

Final Thoughts

Most importantly of all, before you start implementing your recruitment strategies and hiring, make sure your current cohort is happy. If there are any little niggles and grievances there, these will only spread and expand as you take on new people. Interviewees and new recruits will be able to read an atmosphere of discontent the moment they walk into the room.

Ask your team for feedback. What do they love about working here? Or, what frustrates them? What would they like you to do differently? Their insight will help you improve your hiring practices and ensure your next employee comes into a place they really want to work in!

Ah, don’t forget to take a look at our 10 quick tips for better business productivity. Enjoy.

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