Young people dislike email. A mistaken notion.

“As trust in social media has declined substantially, email reemerge as a trusted, tried-and-true channel for giving consumers the news, entertainment and information they want” – Jeff Kupietzky

Do you know how to engage Gen Z and Millennials audiences?

It turns out that, despite years of naysayers stating email is dead, email newsletters are very much alive especially for marketers looking to engage with the demanding Gen Z and Millennials (GZM). 

According to Jeeng’s 2021 Engaging Gen Z and Millennial Audiences report, there’s one caveat: the overwhelming demand the content GZMs receive must be personalised to their interests.

Brief Report Summary

  • over 90% of Millennials check their emails several times per dayGen-Z & Millennials Primed For Relevant Newsletters |
  • nearly 80% of Gen Zs check their email several times per day
  • over 50% of Gen Zs signup to email newsletters because they’re already engaging with a brand 
  • 60% of Millennials would signup for multiple, top-focused email newsletters from a trusted brand 
  • relevance is key for – 
    • 47% of Gen Zs
    • 51% of Millennials
  • over 2/3rds of GZMs state personalised content is “a must” for signup to email newsletters 

To learn how to get back control of your audience and build 1:1 relationships with subscribers and especially the elusive Gen Z and Millennials, download the report.

Final Thoughts

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