Facebook In-stream ads? Instagram Reels Ads? Targeting categories?

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford

A study conducted in November 2020 showed that Facebook and Instagram are the most popular video platforms utilised by users to connect with brands. Additionally, insight from various studies showed that including a Facebook In-stream ad campaign to Feed and Stories leads to “a median 1.5x increase in ad recall and a median 20% decrease in cost per incremental recaller.”

Why should you care? Facebook has launched new In-stream ad video topics (targeting categories) and begun testing Instagram Reels ads in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia (with more countries to come in the next months). 

In-stream Ad Targeting Topics

The new targeting options break down 20 video topics into smaller, more specific audience subsets giving advertisers further options in the content they want In-stream ads to appear in so that they can reach engaged video viewers.

Facebook and Instagram Video Advertising | EmailOut.com

With more than 2 billion users watching in-stream videos every month, this new Facebook Ads option will certainly prove valuable – and profitable – to businesses and marketers alike.

Instagram Reels Ads

According to Instagram’s internal data and studies, 90% of people follow a brand (or three) on Instagram and most users are already embracing Reels to discover new creators and brands. Thus, introducing Instagram Reels ads is the most strategic and effective way for brands to expand their audience, improve their video presence and boost sales.

Facebook and Instagram Video Advertising | EmailOut.com

Instagram Reels Ads are pretty much the same as normal, organic Reels when it comes to the format, presentation and length (ads can be up to 30 seconds). The difference is in the additional features like the“Sponsored” (required for transparency) tag and “Shop Now” call-to-action. 

So far, Instagram (or should we say Facebook?) have not provided actual data on the performance of Reels and users’ opinion for the short clips option. Yet, it seems Reels is gaining more and more traction and popularity.

Facebook Stories Sticker Ads

Sticker Ads in Facebook Stories, initially announced in March 2020, allow content creators to diversify revenue on Facebook with ads that look like stickers.

Facebook and Instagram Video Advertising | EmailOut.com

Basically, Stickers Ads for Facebook Stories is another spin on influencer/brand partnerships with the difference that content creators will be able to further brand promos by creating more organic looking advertisements within their Facebook Stories content. This is a sound monetization idea for Instagram Stories with their popularity through the roof, but for Facebook Stories… we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

Final Thoughts

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