The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic challenged businesses in numerous ways.

However, Facebook keeps finding ways to help businesses – big or small – to reach and sell their products/services to customers. The social network’s free tools and personalised ads are a lifeline for many small and medium-sized businesses. 

In their attempt to bring simplicity and centralised control to content management on both Facebook and Instagram, the company has launched (and globally released) a new mobile app and desktop interface to help businesses save time and stay up-to-date by managing their pages or profiles across all apps. It bears the name – drumroll – Facebook Business Suite.

The new interface brings together Facebook and Instagram publishing, messaging and analytics into a single dashboard allowing marketers to manage content across the two platforms with simplicity and ease.

The benefits offered by the new interface include – 

a) post management on both Facebook and Instagram from the same interface;
b) a shared inbox for both messages and notifications from both platforms; and
c) analytics, insights and advertising capabilities for both platforms in the same place.

According to Facebook VP of Small Business Rich Rao, “the new app was developed after feedback from SMBs who wanted simpler tools that centralised and consolidated content, messaging, ads (boosted posts) and analytics in a single location. The value of simplicity is even higher than we thought.”

The reason you should care. The COVID-19 pandemic and global recession are existential threats to hundred and thousands if not millions of small and medium-sized businesses. The opportunity to have more accessible, simple and easily manageable digital marketing tools offered to marketers is critical for the future success of every business regardless of its size.

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