Once upon a time – well, not so long ago – a group of tech enthusiasts (hey there, nice to meet you!) came up with a great new idea, lifetime free email marketing for all.

What if, they thought, there was a way to bring fully functional free email marketing software to ambitious entrepreneurs whose businesses are in the start-up and super-growth stages? The kind of people whose email lists are growing faster than their budgets – and who need access to a top end solution, capable of reaching thousands of prospects, without having to commit to an expensive subscription from the outset?

And so EmailOut was born.

Yes, that’s right – we created a professional free email marketing platform that removes all barriers to entry, allowing users to send up to 12,500 marketing emails every month, for free, right up to a subscriber list of 2,500.

(Don’t worry, big sender, we haven’t forgotten about you – if you’re sending to a larger list click here)

… And It’s Super Easy to Use

More importantly, we spent a lot of time figuring out what our billionaire-in-waiting clients need from their email marketing platform in order to fast-track the growth of their ventures. Here’s what we found.

1. Ain’t No One Got Time to Code

When you need to create great-looking, highly engaging marketing emails on a regular basis and with a super-fast turnaround, there’s no way you have the time to build that stuff from scratch. You need systems in place to help you create, modify and personalise emails at lightning speed.

To make this possible, we built an extensive library of slick email templates and incorporated a drag-and-drop email builder. Not only is this easy to use, but it’s also totally responsive, adapting the design to be perfect for any device.

2. Testing, Testing…

Nailing your email marketing strategy comes down to three steps: test, refine, test again.

That’s why we’ve incorporated extensive spam testing and analysis, version testing for mail platforms like Outlook, Gmail and AppleMail, and even split testing, so that you can perfect your campaign as you go.

3. Data Management

As detailed research from HubSpot shows, segmenting your marketing lists makes a huuuuuge difference to the success of your campaigns – including better open rates, fewer opt-outs, more leads and increased revenue.

We’ve incorporated a whole range of tools for data management, cleaning, storage and segmentation to help you stay completely on top of your lists and campaigns. What’s more, all users get free sign-up forms with unlimited data fields to keep capturing more quality leads, all the time.

4. Automation

Hey, we know you guys are busy plotting world domination. You aren’t going to have the time to put together every individual email, one by one. Instead, we’ve also implemented a bunch of automation tools, including emails triggered by certain user behaviours, and, of course, auto-responses.

So, that’s what we do and how we do it. Even more importantly, we don’t believe in faffing about with limited deals for unpaid subscriptions, which try to force you to sign up for a paid version to unlock the full range of features.

We don’t believe in giving you a taster for just a month or so, only to snatch it away, either. Once you sign up with us, even for free, you’ll have access for life – with no hidden costs or sneaky attempts to upsell to you.

If you tip over the 2,500-person mark, you can buy a subscription, and if you change your mind or dip below, you can scrap it just as quickly.

In short, EmailOut is a top platform with a ton of features and absolutely no risk – and it’s the kind of system that we, as intrepid tech entrepreneurs ourselves, created with others like us in mind.

Keen to lock down your free lifetime subscription today? Good plan! Click here for lifetime free email marketing NOW.

Email Marketing for free. But what’s the catch?

There’s no catch.

We don’t believe in burying hidden charges deep in our small print or the terms and conditions that nobody has time to read.

For up to 2,500 subscribers and 12,500 sends, EmailOut is free for life. And that’s the whole story.

We’ve been in email marketing since 1900 and frozen to death – right at the beginning when the internet made burbling noises and ISDN telephone lines made you a trendsetting early adopter – we know all the reasons why customers choose an email marketing platform and what puts them off one too; so, when we created EmailOut we decided to get rid of the very biggest of problems for new entrants – price.

But if we gave you it all for free you might feel like a second class, unloved, citizen if we only gave you the bare minimum of features, a sneaky trick other providers use to tempt you in with a cheap price and then up-sell you until you need a 2nd mortgage.

Well not here, you get everything we can possibly give you for free, forever – feature-rich automation and autoresponders, detailed tracking and analytics, list segmentation for A/B testing and when we launch new features, you’ll get them free too.

Check it out now, when you Sign up you can start designing and sending email campaigns straight away, we don’t ask for credit card details to use at some unknown point in the future – you’re straight in and good to go.

Free Email Marketing Forever* – there’s no set-up cost. No annual contract. No hidden charges. And when you want to upgrade and unlock advanced features? You can’t. Because we’ve included them all as standard.

See you soon.

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