“Clear feedback is the cornerstone of improvement.” – Sir David Brailsford

People buy from people – 80% on the advice of other people, even if they don’t know them personally.

That makes customer reviews one of the most important marketing tools you can hope for. Therefore, we’ll show you eight easy ways to get customer reviews rolling in.

In this article, we’ll teach you the easiest ways on how to get customer reviews covering:

  1. How and when to ask for reviews
  2. Making it easy for customers
  3. Rewarding people for reviews
  4. Responding to reviews

Let’s dig in.

1. Make Them Your Calls to Action  

Struggling to get customer reviews? Well, have you asked people for them? And if so, have you made it nice and easy for them to oblige? A great way to do all of this is to include a button at the bottom of every product page, giving people the option to write a review. If they stumble across this next time they’re on your site, they’re more likely to review it if you make it simple.

2. Follow Up On All Purchases with an Email Request

Here’s an obvious but too often neglected approach: send all your customers a friendly email after their purchase, thanking them for buying from you and remind them to review the product after they have used it. In addition to nudging them for a future review, it’s a good opportunity to nurture your relationships and encourage future purchases.

3. Make it Easy for Them

If you’ve noticed that people start the process of leaving a review but then abandon it, you may be overcomplicating the process. Keep this to one or two steps tops, avoid asking people to log in and make sure that you’ve optimized this for mobile. The less friction they encounter, the more likely customers are to complete their review.

4. Time It Right

This might surprise you, but the time and day of the week that you email people asking for reviews has a huge impact on your success rate. For example, people are dramatically more likely to complete a customer review while procrastinating at work on a Monday than they are during precious leisure time on a Saturday. Response rates also go up from 1-3pm during weekdays. It’s worth experimenting to see what works.

5. Reward People

If you really want to get customer reviews, consider offering something in return. For example, you could choose to thank or reward them for their time with a discount voucher, free delivery on their next purchase or any other perk you’re comfortable providing.

6. Guide Their Answers

One reason people are reluctant to leave reviews is that they simply don’t know what to say. Take the pressure off by asking specific questions, such as: why did you buy it? Did it serve your purpose? Did this make you want to buy from us again? Remember, too, that people are suggestible. If you start the ‘stars’ at 5 with the option to bring these down, you’d be surprised how many more 5-star reviews you get than if the ‘stars’ begin at zero, with the option to increase.

7. Give Them Time to Use It

There’s no point asking for a review the second someone has their order confirmed. How are they supposed to know if they like it yet? Instead, leave a sensible amount of time between them receiving the product and asking them what they think of it.

8. Respond to all Reviews

Whether their review is positive or negative, no one wants to feel they’re just shouting into the void. Take the time to thank positive reviewers and engage properly with the concerns of negative reviewers. Just make sure you are unfailingly polite and resist the urge to snap back at customers who seem unreasonable in their reviews – there’s no way to come out of that situation well!

Finally, if you’re stretched thin, focus on getting reviews on the channels that bring you the most traffic and potential buyers. Whether that’s Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or another channel entirely, this the audience that needs to see your reviews the most. By tying this in with your email campaigns, you can also use this as an opportunity to build a rapport with your customers, helping to grow your business in the longer term.

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