What key highlights are included in the new Google Ads API version 8.0?

“Good advertising doesn’t just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and beliefs.” – William Bernbach

Early this year, on April 28, Google released Google Ads API version 7.0 and six weeks later they introduce another Google Ads API release – version 8.0.

The new Google Ads API V8.0 includes dozens of new features and numerous changes. Now, directly quoting Google Ads, here are the key highlights – 

  • Cross-account bidding strategies. Advertisers will be allowed to attach manager-owned bidding strategies to client accounts. A new resource, AccessibleBiddingStrategy, is also included. It provides a read-only view of all bidding strategies accessible to current customers.
  • Retrieving labels. Advertisers will be able to retrieve labels via the manager account using CustomerClient.applied_labels.
  • CallOnlyAdInfo: Replaced with CallAdInfo to support more capabilities of this ad type including the ability to append text after the URL displayed in the ad using fields CallAdInfo.path1 and CallAdInfo.path2.
  • Click Conversion: This function will now support cart_data for uploading conversions with the additional information on the items sold.
  • Attributes: Several new fields have been added to TransactionAttribute and UserAttribute allowing advertisers to associate more information about a sold item and a user’s purchase record when uploading user data using UserDataService or OfflineUserDataJobService.
  • Support for Smart Campaigns: The new addition will allow advertisers to create, monitor and manage smart campaign types. 

You can find the full list of features and updates in Google Ads’ API release notes.

Final Thoughts

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