What is ‘bid simulator’? What can it do? Is it useful?

Google Ads is rolling out bid simulator support for the Target ROAS (return on ad spend) bid strategy, as well as a new budget simulator.

Bid simulator for Target ROAS. The bid simulator has been available only for manual and Target CPA bidding. It’s now available for Target ROAS campaigns. The screenshot below shows a bid simulator for Target ROAS portfolio strategy. You can also see the simulator icon at the ad group level in Target ROAS campaigns that aren’t using a portfolio strategy.

Digital Marketing News: Google Ads Bid Simulator to Target ROAS | EmailOut.com - free email marketing software

The simulator works the same way it does in manual and Target CPA bidding campaigns. The projected impact of a change is based on your auction data from the past seven days and assumes all other influencers. Such as your ads, landing pages, your competitors’ ads and bids, all stayed the same.

Budget Simulator to Maximise Performance. Maximise clicks and Maximise conversions are both bid strategies that aim to spend your entire budget in pursuit of maximising the number of clicks or conversions the campaign can generate on a daily basis. If you’re using these strategies and routinely running out of budget before the end of the day, you may see the budget simulator icon appear in the “Status” column. It shows the projected impact of changing your daily budget. These simulations are also based on your past-seven-day auction data.

Digital Marketing News: Google Ads Bid Simulator to Maximise Performance | EmailOut.com - free email marketing software

Why do you care? The Google Ads bid simulator – both of them –  can be very helpful directional indicators of the possible performance impact from making a bid or budget adjustments. However, you should keep in mind that the projections are based on historical data. Actual future performance can – and often does – vary from these projections.

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