How did Google Ads improve its lead form extension?

With people still adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic, they continue to look for different ways to connect with businesses. In fact, according to Google research, one in three shoppers would prefer to buy from a company offering them a wide range of ways to reach them.

To help businesses connect with more potential customers, Google Ads introduced (back in August 2020) a new lead form extension focused on driving more high-quality leads across Search, YouTube, Discovery and Display Ads inventory.

What are lead form extensions? A Google Ads feature that helps advertisers to generate leads by allowing people to submit their information in a form directly within an ad. 

This month, the company announced three new enhancements to the lead form extension which will offer advertisers an easier and more effective way to manage their business.

1) Easily share your lead forms for more efficiency

Based on advertiser’s feedback regarding the challenges of managing lead form extensions – especially across campaign types, Google Ads decided to make things easier and help advertisers save time by making lead form extensions easily shareable across Search, YouTube and Discovery campaigns.

2) More question options

To make things even easier when creating the lead form and ad message, Google Ads will now offer advertisers a range of over fifty pre-made questions allowing them to customise their lead form to fit their business needs. The benefit of this improvement is that it will route submissions to the correct team (i.e. sales) and add leads to the right email list. 

3) Receive leads automatically

Previously, advertisers had to download sign-ups manually into a file, save it and then upload it to their email service provider. This process cost advertisers delays in their email automation sequence kicking off causing a lack of engaged leads and higher-than-usual unsubscribe rates. With this new improvement, you will no longer have to worry about following up on a lead on time to close a sale. Advertisers can now set up webhooks which will automatically send leads from the lead form extension directly to their CRM system.

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