Is Google Ads identity verification finally starting?

Back in April 2020, as part of a significant expansion of its ad transparency requirements, Google Ads required all advertisers to provide official documentation to confirm their identity.

A month later, in May 2020, Google Ads updated its policy and shortened the timeframe in which advertisers were required to submit the verification documents. The verification process was said to be done in phases, starting in the U.S. and spreading globally.

Now, it seems advertisers are finally getting email notifications informing them they have been selected to complete identity verification by February 6, 2021.

The advertisers are asked to submit their legal name and legal address to verify their identity and once confirmed, the information will appear in an ad disclosure generated by Google. Moreover, if an advertiser does not complete the Google Ads’ identity verification process, their account will be paused.

As much as Google states this process is needed to ensure a safe, trustworthy ad experience for users, ad consultants managing ads for clients don’t feel comfortable attaching their data to ad accounts they’ve been hired to run – 

Currently, we can’t be certain what information will be shown. I suspect it would show the advertisers not the consultants, however, we’ll have to wait and see.

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