Google has been quite the busy-bee in the last few months when it comes to its ad policy updates and changes. 

While there’s no indication of lawsuits or any formal statements on the landscape pointing out to all Google Ads’ policy updates, there have been a couple we simply cannot go without mentioning – 

a) Business Identity Verification

b) Shortening the verification process

This month, Google Ads introduced two more policy updates – account pausing due to violation and a misrepresentation policy.

Google’s announcement regarding the pause policy is a bit vague, to say the least, and intertwined with its identity verification one. This is what the announcement states – 

“Google Ads accounts will be paused if they fail to complete advertiser identity verification when notified. In addition, we may temporarily pause accounts to conduct investigations if we identify potentially harmful advertiser behaviour. Paused accounts cannot run any ads.”

Regarding the misrepresentation policy, the company’s announcement states – 

“In July 2020, Google will update the Misrepresentation policy to introduce the ‘Clickbait Ads’ policy. This policy covers advertisement which uses sensationalist or clickbait text or imagery which intend to drive traffic to the Ad through pressurizing the viewer to take immediate action in order to understand the full context of the Ad.”

You can find the full list of the upcoming and recent policy updates in Google Ads’ policy updates page.

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