Google Ads will require all advertisers to verify their identity.

As part of a major expansion of Google’s ad transparency requirements, the company will require all advertisers to provide official documentation that will confirm their identity.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that this new ad policy is tied to Google Ads 2018 policy update for political advertisers.

The verification program will include – 

a) personal identification methods;
b) business incorporation documents; and
c) any other documents legally verifying the advertiser’s identity.

When advertisers are required to submit their ID documentation they will be alerted and they’ll have 30 days to respond. According to Google, “multiple failed attempts to complete the verification program will result in your ads not serving.

Once the company has verified the advertisers’ identity, it’ll use that information to generate a new disclosure panel on any ads they run, displaying the business’s name and country of origin.

With millions of active advertisers, approving and running with the new disclosure tag will prove to be quite a significant task for Google. Therefore, the company will be verifying advertisers in phases, starting in the U.S. and continuing to expand globally.

You can read more about the verification program here.

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