Improving engagement and maximising ROI – two of the main objectives for marketers. 

To help marketing professionals successfully build campaigns to achieve their goals, Google – for the first time ever – put together a high-level strategy guide detailing its team digital advertising practices and sharing Google’s methodology publicly.

The guide covers two main areas of concern to marketers – 

1) how to make digital advertising successful; and
2) Google Ads products best suited for you and your goals.

To help digital advertisers, Google shared its three key steps methodology

1) using data to set clear goals

  • What do you want to achieve with an ad campaign?
  • What metrics (i.e. cost-per-acquisition – CPA and/or return on ad spend – ROAS) need improvement to fulfil your marketing objective? (Google’s key performance indicator – KPI.)
  • What values does your KPI have to hit to be successful?

2) using conversion tracking to unlock automation

  • Conversion tracking is critical as it shows how effective your ad campaign is, allows you to calculate ROAS or CPA and save time & improve efficiency by unlocking automated bid strategies

3) waterfall media planning

  • allocating budgets to different channels based on efficiency

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To find out more about Google’s team global learning regarding its B2C & B2B advertising campaigns across YouTube, Play, Chrome, Google Ads, Cloud and more, you can access the full Inside Google Marketing guide here.

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