Google Ads is rolling out a new set of attribution reports which are said to be simpler and more intuitive. Previously known as ‘search attribution’ reports, the new ones will simply be called ‘attribution’ reports. 

These reports will be essential for businesses to track the success of their Google Ads campaigns as they will provide information about paths which lead to conversions.

By combining some reports and removing others, Google Ads is helping users focus on the most important insights. The available attribution reports in Google Ads include – 

a) Overview – a high-level view that helps users better visualise their customer’s paths to conversion;

b) Top paths – the most common paths customers take to complete a conversion;

c) Path metrics – paths broken down by audiences’ devices (desktop, mobile, tablet);

d) Assisted conversions – all conversions assisted by clicks other than the last click; and

e) Model comparison – help users compare cost per conversion and return on ad spend for different attribution models.

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The new attribution reports can be found by clicking on the tools & settings icon (wrench) in the upper right. Then, click on Measurement, then select Attribution.

Google is also updating its Google Ads mobile app with new optimisation score features and a new dark mode option. 

The account overview screen will now display account and campaign-level optimisation scores as well as their corresponding performance improvement recommendations. Additionally, users will receive notifications – via the mobile app – when their optimisation score changes. Furthermore, whether users are in a low-light environment or prefer darker background colours on your phone, they will have the option to use Dark Mode in the Google Ads mobile app.

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