New regular expression filter options in the Performance reports?

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with it.” – Phil Frost

Back in April, one of Google’s improvements to the Search Console Performance reports included support for regular expression (a.k.a. regex). Since its launch, Google has been listening to users’ feedback and it appears there was one thing users wanted. 

Today (June 2), Google announced  (following users’ feedback) another change to its Google Search Console (GSC) Performance reports – new regex filtering options to support expressions that don’t match regex.

According to Google Search Central, “the new regex filtering options are already available and can be found through a secondary dropdown which appears after picking the “Custom (regex)” option in the filter selector.” 

If you are wondering when to use regex as opposed to other filtering types, here are a few examples when regex filtering is needed – To:

  • segment users that already know your brand, 
  • analyse traffic to a website section, and
  • understand user intent.

You can check Google Search Console’s Help Centre to see a few common regular expressions.

Final Thoughts

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